Thursday, 30 April 2009

TAG - '8 Things'

Good Afternoon lovely bloggers.

Just so you know what you're dealing with right now, ill set the scene for you:

I am currently blogging from my bed, with my ears pricked just in case i were to hear the clitter clatter of the postman making his way up my stair. Does anyone else have a really lazy postie who only turn up between 12 and half 12? Outrageous i say! Anyway i am really excitedly waiting on a few parcels.

1) a couple of bits from Illamasqua which i am beyond excited to try out!

2) my Lightening Love necklace from me and Zena as blogged about in Yays or Nays #3,

3)My swap parcel!Eee, they should all be arriving soon right?

4) My parcel of cheap and cheerful jewellery from Voodoo Pickle. To be honest i am not holding my breath. Think i may have been done! :0(

Anyway to keep me occupied in the interim, Laura from My Bloggy Blog tagged me to do this '8 Things' tag. Ta Laura! So here goes!

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1) The post arriving!! Come on Mr Postie, jut a wee bit faster!
2) Food times! Life to me, is the stuff that happens between meals.
3) Finally maybe getting the bills sorted out. Am currently waiting on the electricity man to come fix our metre.
4) Finding a new job. sigh.
5) Having money again!

6) Meeting up with my bestie.
7) Ending the day with a cuddle from lovely BF Fraser.
8) Saturdays outdoor gig - could be lovely or could be a washout!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1) Washed my hair and exfoliated. Still loving Lush's Buffy.
2) Had a lunch time meeting (and glass of wine) with a lovely lady.
3) gained employment for 1 day a week. Its a start!
4) Went to Mac with the boy where he helped me pick out (and payed for) a couple lippies. Huzzah!
5) Met my mum and auntie for tea and a few* more glasses of wine.

6) Ate a salad at dinner...
7)...then also ate leftover Chinese when i got home. Poor show!
8) Decided to join a gospel choir.

* maybe not a 'few'.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1) Work. Ill never take it for granted again
2) Be gifted all of Macs lipsticks.
3) Do more with my hair.
4) Say no to takeaway.
5) Drive...I'm learning.
6) Play the guitar
7) Spoil my man for all the times he's spoiled me over the last 2 months.
8) Meet all of you bloggers!

8 Shows I Watch:

2) Goks Fashion Fix
3) America's/ Canada's/ Aus/ Britain's Next Top Model
4) Coleens Real Women
5) Ace of Cakes - check it out!
6) Girls of the Playboy Mansion
7) Snog Marry Avoid
8) Gossip Girl

I TAG 8 beautiful bloggers:

1) Rocaille (Rocaille Writes)

2) Natalia (I would go out tonight but)

3) Marie (I Love...the obsessions of a shopaholic)

4) Lazula (Lazula80)

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8) Lottie B (Pretty Geeky)


  1. Yay, I loved reading this Steph :) Yay for the job, even if it is only for one day a week, like you say, it's something more than you had before!!! x x x

  2. Thanks Laura! It's in the same vein as my last job so im pretty sure itll be grand!
    And thanks for tagging me - it was my first and i really enjoyed it!

  3. Aw this was fun to read, thanks for tagging me, will do it now :)

  4. No probs hun, looking forward to reading yours!x

  5. Thanks for tagging me, Steph :) And thanks for all your lovely comments, you spoil me :P Hope the postman arrives any minute!