Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Yays and Nays, Hot or Not, Worth the cash or Gash?? #2

- Lost Boxsets. Im up to season 3 now and am sooo addicted! Matthew Fox, I heart you. Swoon.

- Coleslaw. I think im addicted!

- Pomplamoose. You NEED to check out this musical duo on youtube! I found them purely by accident but feel like it was 'meant'. They are my favourite band of the moment - Listen to Pas Encore or Hail Mary!

- . You have to check out this site for really cute and cheap jewellery. The gummy bear necklaces are adorable! Im excited for my order to be delivered!

- Snog Marry Avoid. Dont you just CRINGE...In a good way!

- Spring! I actually went out without a coat yesterday and it was lovely to walk around the shops without having a jacket draped over my arm! Freedom!

- This car. WANT.


- Boyfriend threatening to tell me whats happening in LOST. He's on series 5. What an eveil swine!

- STILL not having heard about the funding for the possible job thing! Grr!

- Twitter. Im not seeing the cause of the hype!?


  1. I want to eat those gummy bears!

  2. I'm well as hot as Matthew Fox. If i'd crashed on the island, we'd all have gotten off within one season, rather than cocking about for a further 5. Boom, take that baldy and preggo bird.

    Also, i should post a spoiler right here for your blog-based sass....but i might just whisper them to you while you sleep...

  3. Coleslaw is amazing lol!

    Snog marry avoid is quality tv - its really addicting too :D x

  4. I just love your blog personality!!!
    It's beyond fabulous... BEYOND.

    and those gummy bear pendants. I have a sudden urge to NEED them in my life.
    MmMm Nyom Nyom

  5. @ Kimberly, that is such a lovely thing to say! I checked out your blog too and i have to say, you are sooo beautiful!
    And i concurr: Om Nom indeed!x

  6. Gummy bear necklaces?! Id be tempted to eat them, haha! Too cute! :)

  7. I know! And Im such a foodie its rare that im NOT hungry! I may be in for a trip to A&E for a necklace dislodgement from the oesphophogus!x

  8. Oh wow, gummy bear necklaces, that is seriously cute!

    I love Lost, it's soo addicting! One warning, don't ever try and understand'll be lost (get it?!) gets more and more confusing, but more and more inciting at the same time! VERY good TV show!

    x x x

  9. @ Laura, look at you punning all over the place! Very impressive! Im away to get back in series 4...eeeeee!!x

  10. Hehe...what can I say, I'm a Lost geek ;) x x x

  11. Swine! What a great word! It's been forever since I've heard that - mum usually calling my dad it when we were nippers!

    <3 = Love for using the word swine! use the word "swine" in a sentence today...