Monday, 27 April 2009

Yays or Nays, Hot or Not, Worth the Cash or Gash # 3

1)Topshop cutwork sundress
Its love in an article of clothing. I'll be styling this with Gold jewellery, tan glads, a cornflower blue cardigan and the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Sand and Sea Eye shadow Palette. Just bring me some bloody sun!

2) Me and Zena Lightning Love Necklace - This is a major lemming! MAJOR!!
3) Wedding season - Ah i love wedding season. Weddings = gigs = money for me! Huzzah!

4) Fish Suppers! I am loving a good old chippy at the moment. Cover it in salt n sauce (if you in England you wont be aware of chippy sauce. Its an amazing combo of brown sauce, vinegar and another secret ingredient.mmm) and i am ready to go! Why do things taste so much better when they're covered in batter and wrapped in paper??

5) Boys in baseball tops. Swoon. I'm not sure what it is about these tops but truly, I go weak at the knees.

6) Bright pink lippie. The last word in fun, groomed, youthful lips.


1) Tv!

  • Hollyoaks - caught this for the first time in absolutely ages and it was RUBBISH! Who are all these new characters? Why did they get hired when they clearly cant act?? Its a mystery!

  • Britain's Next Top Model - Am i the only one who thinks that our version is just shoddy and cheap and that Lisa Snowdon needs give quit the Tyra imitations? Miss J makes a guest appearance on tonights episode so it may be somewhat more entertaining. Ladies lest ye forget, Miss J is FIERCE personified!2) VooDoo Pickle. I made an order for a few cheap kitsch jewellery pieces from this site nearly a month ago and STILL have not received my order despite emails back and forth promising that my order would be posted the next day, and then the day after the second email...Grr!


  1. I am a totally '...'s Next Top Model' addict but I'm not fussed on the British one at all! Quite intrigued to see the girl with anorexia on it though.

  2. Me too! I loved last seasons Canadas NTM which Mr J presents(watched it on youtube) and AusNTM is good too.Paloma was such a cow!
    Which girl is the one with anorexia? I didnt know that!

  3. Yay for bright lippies, Steph! Heh, it's the wedding season and my wedding is also approaching... Scarry! :) xxx

  4. Ha Ha! Gash! Britains next top model - Miss J made a coment about "the no necked monster" (walked with no neck) Poor Lass - She was gutted! I actually LOVE trashy telly!

    Hoorah to wedding season indeed! Had a great wedding at Mansfield Traquair in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago! What a great venue! (not for sound - Deeeeeeelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!)

  5. @ Marie, Trashy telly and me are lovers. Miss J was awesome.who's your prediction to win?

    Aye ive played Mansfield - its stunning!what a big bloody room! Agree about the sound tho...its always our sound dudes worst venue! Looking forward to seeing your tranny shoes!

  6. Urgh I know what you mean regarding the shite-ness of BNTM. I was so excited to watch it but the editing was so jumpy and wrong it left me feeling confused!! ANTM is so much better, although Tyra is an idiot!

  7. @ Rocaille, ooh tell me about your wedding! what are your colours/theme/motif? Whens the date and most importantly, what make up look are you going for? EXCITING!

    @ LamiatS, Did you watch last night? You can tell the producers have had a meeting discussing how they could get more men watching. Answer, naked photo shoot, and next week lesbian kissing photoshoot. Agree with you about tyra. shes a bit self important. Much prefer Mr J's CanadasNTM.x

  8. I'm not sure who will win, but I love the wee skinny lass with the geeky specks - Cute and Cwirky!

    I'll try and get my tranny shoes out this weekend for a photo opportunity!