Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Scenario

Here's the scenario:

A phone rings in a darkened room. A single spotlight falls on a girl. She is dressed in pajamas, minus makeup and bedraggled of locks. She looks at the phone. Weighs up in her mind whether she can ignore it and go back to her Lost DVD. Decides she cant. Answers phone.

Mother McMakeup: Did I just wake you up?
Me: No, Ive been awake for ages. (brazen lie)
Mother McMakeup: Good. Will you be ready to leave the house in an hour?
Me: Emmm...maybe. Why?
Mother McMakeup: Your bedraggled flowing hippy locks are taking over the world. Ive booked you a hair appointment. Go forth daughter of mine, for thine is the appointment, the stylist and the glory, forever and ever amen.
Me: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

What do you think of this??

See you in a while!xx


  1. Thank god you didnt get this! Scared the hell out of me!

    Great blog! I've just recently came across it and realised your a fellow Scot residing in the Big Bad Burgh (also a musician) I'm impressed!


  2. Haha...that picture is SCARY!!! How sweet is your Mum :) x x x

  3. @ Marie, another Scot!Huzzah indeed!Where are you based? And im sorry for scaring you!
    PS how are you getting on using the word 'swine' today?

    @ Laura, Isnt it weird?I rate this picture almost as high as the guy who sculpted his afro to look like he was wearing a baseball cap. Hat hair if ever I heard it?

  4. I'm based in Galashiels, though I lived in Edinburgh for 6 years. Used the word swine in an up and coming blog post - made me smile! lol