Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The New Look UDPP! Look again...no, again!Subtle!

Sup Homeslices, I have news!
Whats your biggest complaint about Urban Decay Primer Potion? Surely it can be none other than the outrageous fact that the beautifully curvy packaging means that it is a physical impossibility to get to this much product without cutting it open. Not practical.

Quite frankly, I think that's just beedin criminal! Now i can understand that the packaging really makes the product stand out from the others in the market. Yes it is beautiful, yes the product works but NO! If this is the wastage then clearly the packaging is defunct and needs to be changed (or the company need to admit that if people run out sooner, or think that they have run out they will repurchase unnecessarily thus increasing sales. crafty/naughty UD!). So it seems that finally UD have realised the error of their ways and have indeed changed the packaging.

Behold, the new look UDPP. You better be beholding!
Riiiiiiiiiiight. Now is it just me but when the shape of the bottle has clearly been identified as the problem, surely the solution is to change it?? Apparently not. Now, to their credit, this new slightly bent wand probably WILL make a difference to reduce the wastage...but come on. No really, coooooome on Urban Decay, A bent wand? Are you taking the piss??
This improved version is in circulation in the states now but i cant see a date for release here in the UK yet. I am holding my somewhat baited breath.
Rant over. Taking a deep breath and reaching for the ferrerro rocher!


  1. LOL! haha i totally get you! silly UD people (:
    its like we could bent the wand ourselfs :'D

  2. I do think they're just trying to increase their sales, which is so silly, probably if someone doesn't buy UDPP but Too Faced Shadow Insurance, it's because of the packaging...
    Love Ferrerro too :)

  3. Ahhh I saw this earlier, and funnily enough was just going to do a post on it as it gave me inspiration to slice open my UDPP haha. Unfortunately mine didn't yield as much as that picture by any means!

  4. haha you are hilarious!!!

  5. They are definitely taking the piss! I will also be cutting mine open when it seems finished... take that UD!

  6. @ Sammiebbz, I know! I cant just see them all sitting in a meeting trying to come up with a new bottle and someone breaking the wand in frusteration then getting a lightbulb above their heads. Ridiculous!

    @ Rocaille, mmmm Ferrerro!Yup, i think TooFaced is my next try.

    @ Caroline, Hmm, maybe you just have a magic product reaching skill??

    @ Whit, Thanks!xxxx

  7. I'm not convinced it'll do anything... Asked the UD girl in Boots and she said it is coming over here but they haven't got a date yet.

  8. @ Rebecca, Im not convinced either. I think im gonna switch to Too Faced and see how i like it.