Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I am in love.

I am in love. With a dress. Sad but true. It was love at first site (haha, geddit!?bah boom cha!)

Jovonna Poppy colour block dress - £62

The brand is Jovonna and can be seen at

Here's what the website has to say:

"Jovonna Designs is proving to be one of London’s fastest growing fashion labels.
Aimed at the young females; those who are ready for anything and always on the go,

If you’re looking for something unique whether it’s a party dress or work clothes that are fun, quirky and on trend look no further as the collection at Jovonna ticks all the right boxes.

The designer JoJo, is inspired by her mother, grandmother’s style and sprite. Her designs are fun to wear and capture the minds of those that like to dress up & look smart.

With an eclectic collection of dresses, tops, as well as leather handbags you are sure to find an outfit for all occasion & seasons.

Having created a storm at various trade shows such as the East London Design Show, Pure, Top Drawers and the clothes show, be ready to be one of Jovonna Girls."

And I have to say, these designs are STUNNING and the prices are gooooooood at around £60 - £100 for a dress or coat and from £50 for a top. Looking at the designs, this is incredibly reasonable. You just have to look at the Daisy Discs Dress to know how much work has gone into each piece. Here's my pic of the Spring/Summer 09 Collection.

Daisy Discs Dress - £93 Stephanie beaded shift dress - £93
Gloria Lace Tunic - £62

There is one thing that i HATE about this designer: They only manufacture each design in sizes 8, 10 or 12 (UK sizing). In 2009, where active consumers of fashion are all manner of shapes and sizes and celebrated as such, i think this is ludicrous. Is this enough to stop me buying one of Jovonna's dresses?....To be honest, in the absence of job i don't need to worry about making the choice just yet.

But check them out... If theres one thing that i cant dispute it is that these dresses are gorgeous!


  1. I like the poppy color in this dress a lot :) Great for S/S!

  2. me too! I wish i could afford to actually buy it instead of just looking at it!grr!xx

  3. bloghopping here...

    these dresses look lovely! i love dresses...i love looking and buying dresses... but i don't wear 'em a lot...yeah, weird, i know, haha!