Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Minimal make up day and a nice surprise!

Hello lovely followers (Feeeeeel the appreciation - I lost a follower today! Hope I'm not saying anything to offend!?)!

I think there must be something in the air. At least 2 other bloggers that i follow have done the barely there, as-little-as-i-can-get-away-with make up today and i am about to join them. I too woke up this morning and stuck to the barest of minimum and that for me, is a rare occasion. Like Hele said, I envy those of you who look amazing without make up!

Here's my FOTD. These were taken after been blown to blustery while walking around town. My hair looks a hot mess...oh how i wish i could afford a hair cut!

As always, Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation in Porcelain + Cover up in Blondie
Bobbi Brown Blusher in Clementine
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Gold - i think this is discontinued!?

Bobbi Brown Gelwear Eyeliner
Loreal Collagen Mascara

Rose & Co Cherry Kiss Lip Balm
AND after reading my blog yesterday i can only assume that the BF felt sorry for me as he took me to the MAC counter in Harvey Nicks and got me the MSF in Perfect Topping. Aaah, lovely! Cant wait to try it out tomorrow!


  1. Minimalism looks quite lovely on you, you don't need much anyway. :)

  2. You have amazing skin! And don't worry about losing subscribers - probabaly someone just shut their account or something!

  3. @LoveLipstickandLime ( Love the name btw!why lime??) Thanks! Minimalism is something i never used to embrace, but im liking it!

    @ MizzWorthy,I used to have moderate to bad acne so thats the best compliment you could ever give me!Thanks! and thanks for the vote of confidence, id hate to think i had said something offensive or was just too boring!


  4. You look gorgeous. I think you*ll love Perfect Topping. It is one of my favorite MSFs ever.

  5. Thanks Colette! Cant wait to give it a whirl!

  6. OH NO! *cries* I hang my head in shame, perhaps it was ME that you lost...accidentally?! How careless of me...can you ever forgive me?! Lol :) Well, if it was me you know there was nothing meant by it, and I'm back for good now...but if it was someone else, then good riddance, you only want people who WANT to be here to read your blog, that's how I view it anyway :) I'm still shocked people read mine, hehe!

    You look gorgeous by the way (ramble over now!), loving the minimal look on you, you're obviously stunning enough to pull it off, unlike me, haha!

    x x x

  7. @ Laura, good to have you/ have you back!Blogger can be a bit funny sometimes...there are blogs that ive been thinking 'i wonder where so and so has gone, theyve not blogged in ages' to find that blogger has randomly taken them off my reading list.How very rude of blogger!
    The minimal look looks ok for me when i first apply it but over time can look a bit rubbish. i think minimal has to be polished and i know you'd rock the look beautifully Laura!x