Sunday, 12 April 2009

Fifty Caliber Smile and Janek Gwizdala

I did say at the very start of my blog that i would be blogging about alltypes of stuff that makes me happy. Thus far it has mostly been make up based so heres a post thats a little bit different.

Music is something that is very important to me. I went to a Performing Arts 6th form College and yes it was a bit like FAME, before going to the Academy of Contemporary Music to study Vocals. Since then i have been singing in a few bands and have even gigged as far away as Nigeria! So, like i said, Music is very important to me and this weekend i have had a most wonderful musical time!

First up is Friday nights Gig: Fifty Caliber Smile aka Boyfriends Band. Its quite Heavy Rock/ Metal and the guys work harder than any other band I know, rehearsing about a million times a week. For reference BF is the spiky haired guitarist on the left that doesnt sing. Funnily enough this song is about me...although i have to say its not very complimentary. It was written before we actually properly got together and is about how i kept saying that we would never work.Take a gander.

And then last night i went to THE JAZZ BAR to watch The Janek Gwizdala Project and all i can say is, if you like music, particularly groove based Jazz then you HAVE to check out this video! He's a world reknowned Bass player and last night shared the stage with legendary Drummer Jojo Meyer. Jazz moved into Drum n Bass then through to poppy ballads... The whole thing was awe inspiring...and Janek is a stone cold hottie. Doesnt hurt!


Anyway, a fab weekend full of great music. Good Times!


  1. Had a listen to those, and your boyfriends band reawakens the dirty rocker in me! Hehe, I went through what my mother liked to call a 'phase' about 6/7 years ago where I was into 'grunge', and just listened to anything 'loud and scary sounding', according to her! I still have a soft spot for it I suppose, and awesome drumming and guitar skills are always a winner!

    Liked the second one too, really chilled out and different :)

    x x x

  2. Ill pass on your comments to the BF. I think he was a bit upset that noone commented on this post and that people were just too polite to say that they thought they were crap! But this'll keep him happy for another day. (thank you!!!!)xxx

  3. Aww, no way are they crap, so you can pass him on a BIG thumbs up from me! There are very varied music tastes in the blog sphere, perhaps it just didn't suit their tastes? I liked it anyhow, have you got any more of their stuff...or anything with YOU on?! x x x