Sunday, 19 April 2009

REVIEW: Prestige Skin Loving Minerals Blusher - Great Dupe for MAC Love Rock?

PRICE - 4/5
WHERE TO BUY? At Boots! easy!

ABOUT: Oddly enough, this is the one product that i cant find on the Prestige website (, note: there is not UK website so everything is priced in US$) ,so there are no claims to be proved or disproved. The site does however say that all of their products are 100% free of talc, oil, fragrance, parabens and synthetic binding ingredients.This is always something that makes me take notice of a company and i find it really reassuring - after trying mineral foundation (Lily Lolo) and it working magic on my skin i definitely feel happier knowing that there are no extra 'baddies' lurking around.

COLOURS TESTED: 01 Pink (not particularly creative) , but it does do what it says on the tin! This colour is a cool toned pink shot through with shimmer veining. There are 3 other colours in the range, one is a lighter peachier colour and the other two are more browny based.

PRICE: Pretty inexpensive at £7.99 for 1.5g

DID IT WORK FOR ME? Definitely! I admit that i am a bit of a blush fiend but being so pale i tend to find that tons of blushers overpower my face and i can end up looking a bit like two cheeks with eyes...but i LOVE this.
Pardon the picture, this was taken after a LOT of dancing but it gives you an idea!

The colour is very buildable so I build up a great colour which just never seems to look like 'too much' and i think it would look great on pale or dark skin tones...maybe not so great on yellow toned olive skin. The shimmer is gorgeous. Especially with blush i think shimmer is VERY difficult to get right and it is soo easy to look fake and chunky. But this is the perfect combo of colour and shimmer and always looks really glowy. I tend apply it with a small Bobbi Brown face blender brush to place it on the apples of my cheeks and it looks great for creating a dewy looking flush...One that even the BF has commented on in a 'ooh, you look healthy, what have you done' kind of way. Winner!

- The overall look is soooo beautiful
- Minerals. They say this is like slathering your skin in shea butter as oppose to a bunch of chemicals
- no need for a separate highlighter

- The lack of added binding ingredients make this a bit powdery and i always end up with blush powder all over the place
- Because of this i tend to go through it quite quickly
- There are not so many colours in the range

It has to be said though that none of these cons bother me all that much. I'm on my second one and i reckon this is something i will repurchase again and again.
If you have any more questions just give me a shout!


  1. I LOVE prestige stuff! i have about three bronzers from their line, and this post has tipped me over the edge for their blushes! definately going to get some this week :)

    thanks for the review xxx

  2. Great review! That blush sounds amazing.♥

  3. Hi Ange, thanks for following!I would definitely go get the blush. Its love. <3

    @Colette, It is lovely. Prestige are not too shabby at the moment!x

  4. I am definitely picking this up! One question though, do you find it hard to open?! I have the Pure Shimmer (bronze/highlighter), and sometimes I just can't open it for love nor money!! x x x

  5. @ Laura, i've never found a problem with the opening of the blush. This is my 2nd one and theyre both easy openable...maybe you have dud packaging?? Wouldnt that be just typical that out of all of them you went for the broken one?i always do that!x

  6. Haha, it could be yeah! It would most definitely be just my luck! With the bronzers I have heard other people query the packaging, I'll try some in store, see if it's just me!!! x x x

  7. Wow - This looks amazing! Packaging suggests the whole product is a disappointment but clearly not :) I think I will check this out next time Im near a Prestige counter! Thanks :)

  8. I just bought my first prestige product today (Pure Shimmer) and love it. I was googling the product and came across your blog.
    Love it and have followed!

  9. Hi from a new follower in Edinburgh! :-)

    Don't know if you're checking comments on this post anymore, but apparently these are being discontinued. While that's sad (I love these blushes too, they're so great for pale skin!), it means that Boots are selling the entire range at 50% off right now. They didn't have much left when I was there today, but they had a good few of the "pink" shade baked blushes left, so it might be worth scooting down there ASAP.

    I'm enjoying your blog! x