Thursday, 9 April 2009

How far would you go?

The thing that unites us beauty bloggers is so much more than just make up. Its the feeling you get when you 'discover' a new product that works wonders on you or the happiness that comes from gaining a new follower, as if that extra person validates what you have to say and in turn means you cant be going too wrong with the way you put yourself together. Its the comraderie and the feeling that there are a bunch of other girls with the same interests just a click of a button away.

But how far would you go in the quest for beauty perfection? Is it a case of hair colouring? Of eye brightener, lipstick and contouring? Does it stop at electrolysis?

Or would you, like many others, consider having a nip here or a tuck there. Do you look down on the people who succumb to the pressures of looking good in such a dramatic and dangerous way? Do you think these people are insecure beyond the realms of how make up makes you feel? or do you feel that its perfectly OK to want to make the best out of what you have?

I guess all those questions can be streamlined a bit. So how about this: What I'm trying to figure out is: What do you REALLY think about Cosmetic Surgery?

When looking for an image to brighten up this post, (yes, I know its a bit provocative, i wanted to make it a tad less heavy!) I found it really difficult to find a depiction of cosmetic surgery that came without a heavy dose of bias.

Either the picture has strong negative correlations like this one:
Or alternatively, you just need to flip to the back pages of any magazine to see images like this one that evoke the notion that with just a little help, you too could be this sparkley and happy:

Reading back on this post I noticed that if you didnt know me, My guess would be that you would think I was very much AGAINST plastic surgery... So would you be surprised if i said that I had had cosmetic surgery and was considering more? Would you think less of me?

Have any of you had anything done? Would you consider it? Are you against it?

Id love to hear your views.


  1. I'm completely undecided about the whole thing! Sometimes I think there are bits of me I would like to change (the bump in my nose, boobs) but other times I just think I would be too scared of surgery and I like my flaws. If I had thousands of pounds to play with and it was a real option instead of a fantasy what-if then that may change things. That's a scary thought! Whenever I have money in my pocket I always spend it on cosmetics I don't need so maybe more money= more expensive treats!
    I think that's the curse of vanity- buying things you think you need but really you don't!. As for my opinions on people that have had surgery, I guess I never really think anything bad if it looks natural- it's only when it goes wrong you think they made a mistake x make sense? I doubt it! xx

  2. I'm okay with plastic surgery. I would never do it myself but whatever makes someone happy.

  3. Hot topic! I think I'm on the fence with this one in all's something I have never quite made my mind up about. I for one could never have potions injected into my face, or have knives cutting me open and being pulled, pushed and prodded around, but that's not to say it's wrong per's just not for me! It's a very difficult one to call, especially given that surgery can do wonderful things for someone with a facial disfigurement or scarring for example, but I still think, deep down inside, it feels kind of wrong to me, to change yourself in such a permanent way...who knows, my views may change, but for now...I'll remain on the fence, not judging anyone! x x x

  4. Its difficult isnt it? I think the topic of plastic surgery will always divide people, even though its hardly uncommen these days. I guess its just one of those things!