Monday, 6 April 2009

NEW* Things for Monday

I have to admit that i am extremely jealous of you all posting amazing hauls...I'm still without a job and have now spent ALL of my savings...and not even on fun stuff like make up or clothes. Seriously, just the boring basics like rent and bills. Anyway, like i said, I haven't been able to join in the hauling fun so Ive been blogging about different stuff but I'd still love to be able to show you something new!

Ive accepted that that's not gonna happen (at least for a wee while) BUT this is where i get a little bit excited... Yesterday i went home to see my parents and while i was there my mum took me upstairs to what used to be my room. She'd just had the carpet refitted (about time too! I burnt a GHD shaped hole in it about 3 years ago!) and so she'd been decluttering and had found a bag and a pair of shoes that id forgotten i even had! HARK, its like old new stuff!

So here's what i (re)got!

URBAN OUTFITTERS MULTI COLOUR STUD BAG - I bought this about 3 years ago in the sale. I'm sure it was about £40 down to £10. Loved it at the time because it goes with anything and is just a really relaxed, soft, slouchy bag with an edge. Sooo happy to have this back!

And most excitingly: LOVE HEELS SILVER PEEPTOE SNAKESKIN WEDGES - Ooooh! I bought these from schuh about 5 years ago (for £54.99 i think) to go to my boyfriend at the time's sisters wedding. And then forgot about them! They have literally only been worn once and i absolutely LOVE them! Perfect shape and stunning design...I'm already planning outfits around them!

They may not be new or even very exciting but for me, they are enough to keep me from going shopping cold turkey. And i didn't spend a penny! WIN!


  1. The shoes are stunning! Nice find ;)

  2. Thanks! Cant believe I completely forgot about them! I love when that happens!

  3. those shoes are gorgeous!

    love them :D x

  4. @ Asia and A fashionable affair - Thanks! Im trying to figure out what i should wear them with!?

  5. I love love LOVE that bag! Good purchase!

  6. Thanks Fi-Face, the only problem is because its black its really dark inside (doesnt that sound ridiculous!?) which makes it really hard to find abything in it!

  7. Thanks Shortiee31, i just wosh i could walk in them!x

  8. Excellent finds...I LOVE doing this :) Sadly, I moved out a long time ago now, and have made many moves since then, and I've either given away, swapped or chucked some things I now try and find, but to no avail (obviously!) x x x