Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I've seen this on a few other blogs...and its genius! The website is http://www.taaz.com/ and allows you to use a picture of yourself (or anyone else) with your hair tied back and no make up on and digitally try out a bunch of different make up and hair looks.

You apply the make up one layer at a time according to a colour wheel which then tells you the corresponding product from a massive range including Bobbi Brown, Stila and even MAC.

For me the fun was really to be had in the hair section. Ever wondered what you look like as a blonde(Ill!)? with a fringe(fat faced!)? a crop(Hitler!!!)?...This is place to try it out without committing to the chop.

Here are a few of mine:

As a red head with a fringe

Light brown. for some reason i think i look a bit like Kym Marsh here. blegh.Ew. minging choppy hair.And finally, a bob. all i can say is NO!I can here by state that i will not be taking any of these picture to the hairdresser any time soon!

But someone who actually DOES look good in these photos is my long suffering bf. I did of course ask permission to post these (frankly rather scary) photos and was told that i could, as long as i also posted a picture of him looking normal.

So heres everyday Fraser:And here is, my boyfriend, The barmaid.Ewwwwwww.creepy.And finally, my boyfriend: Nicky Hilton.I definitely suggest you give it a go. This kept me entertained for HOURS!


Monday, 30 March 2009

Mizz Worthy's Illamasqua Contest!

"Illamasqua is the product of a heady mix of influences. Its roots stem from the dark and illicit 1920s club scene and combines a rich heritage in the manufacture of make-up for film and theatre. It also takes inspiration from members of the ‘alternative scenes’ for whom self-expression is paramount. Alternative cultures have always dared to be dramatic. They have an emotional attachment to making up. It’s an expression of their darker side, a release for their alter ego.

Illamasqua is for the bolder person hiding inside all of us. It is an act and an attitude. A symbol of tolerance. A celebration of idiosyncracies. A confident statement of self-ownership."

I personally love what the Illamasqua brand stands for. Evidentally so does Mizz Worthy as she is holding a completely awesome competition in which, as the brands tag line suggests, you create and your alter ego. SWEET!

My inspiraition was, funnily enough, a pair of black dangly earrings that have been lying in a drawer for AGES. I was thinking about the fact that they are quite gothic with a glamourous edge...which i guess if you look at my pale skin and black hair, is a natural progression for me. I wanted to actually use the earring in my 'look' but didnt want to just wear them so i started thinking about indian culture and how they use jewellry as facial adornment. By hooking one of the earrings into my hairline it hung perfectly in the middle of my forehead and i had the stimulous for my alter ego: gothic bollywood.

In contrast to the stunning jewellry, Indian make up seems to be incredibly chic and understated...I guess with adornments so elabourate there is little need for dramatic make up. Even wedding make up wasnt as dramatic as i had expected...the only drama tends to be focused across the top of the brows...and on the hands. Bingo.

So this is what i came up with:

I dusted some white eye shadow all over my face to pale me out...doesnt take much trying to be honest. I decided that in reference to the dramatic brow art that is commonplace in indian wedding make up, id bring the drama in a different way:by thinkening and darkening my brows. Then I just did a black smokey eye and blunted off the edges my using masking tape to create a definite edge. Traditional henna paisley designs inspired the pattern under the eye using liquid eye liner while nude lips made sure the focus was on the eyes.Im not entirely happy with this. The black liquid liner that i used for the bulk of the design doesnt look quite as even as it does in the flesh and i definitely think i can create something better for the contest...but this is my starting point.
Heres what i used.
Lily Lolo foundation in Porcelain + Bourjois eye shadow in 90 Blanc Diaphane
MAC Silver ring all over the eye lid
MAC carbon in crease and outer V and in eyebrows
Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner (also used to create paisley design below eye)
Boirjois Blanc Diaphane under the brow arch
Barry M Kohl Pencil in 30 White as a brow arch definer
Loreal Infallible Concealer in 01 Vanilla

Saturday, 28 March 2009

An Epiphany. OOH.

I don't know about you but I for one, have always been one of those girls who would goes to the shop down the road with not a stitch of make up on...but kinda looks at the ground to avoid meeting anyones eye(and then doubtless sees someone she knows and has to hide!).

My boyfriend likes me without make up on...in fact he says he loves my 'bald eyes' and says that my eyes look big and cute. Bah, I spend way too much time not to mention money, on make up for that to be the case!But 9 times out of 10 isn't that just the way with most guys??
Now I'm sure that their ignorance to make up is largely questionable here: guys tend to like the no make up 'look' which we all know (all too well if you ask me!) is not actually sans product!

BUT... read on to see where i make a slight, if not, complete bloody massive U-turn all over the road!

So what started me off down this treacherous path of bare faced confusion? Well, today I came across a picture of Dita Von Tease sans make up...And i see it! I see what they see!

Now please, in no way am i saying that i look anywhere close to the stunning NATURAL beauty of Miss D vonT, but having always been presented with her high maintenance glamour, which for the record I adore, I find it refreshing...nay, illuminating (!) to see her without make up.

Just look!
I am not saying that ill be giving up make up. or even toning it down. God no! Perish the thought! But what I am saying is this: The next time my boyfriend tells me he likes my bald eyes I'm not going to tell him that no, in fact they are piggy eyes and look MINGING. I'm going to chill out and believe him.

And just like that, i had my epiphany moment. ta da!

So here's a bunch of other celebs looking stunning sans product for your consideration.

Christina Aguilera for Versace
Ashlee Simpson.

Audrina Partridge from The Hills...not entirely convinced that this is COMPLETELY no make up.but close! Jessica Simpson
And finally Eva Longoria
And yes, they all look stunning.
But what are your views??

Friday, 27 March 2009

Kinda sorta...a job!?

Eeeeeeeeeee! that's an excited squeal if you hadn't deduced that already! After me saying that there were a few job prospects in the pipeline...i kinda sorta got a job!eek!

I went for an informal chat/interview this morning for a new role that hadn't yet been established. The job in vague terms would be an events organiser role for the 'rebranding' of a central area in Edinburgh and making it more live music orientated.OMG, perfect for me!

The chat was great, with a really nice guy in B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L offices- it was all white brick with stunning lighting and an obvious 'quirk' in the detailing i.e in the chair of the corner of the room was a stuffed toy turtle!? The job sounds incredible and the interviewer told me that he thought i was perfect for the job and that he wouldn't be interviewing anyone else...so now i just need to wait for the go ahead from the arts council for the project and then I'm in!

Actually cant believe it...but fingers crossed it all works out!

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Firstly, why did you start blogging?

Long story short: I am a supremely nosey person. I am always people watching; looking at their outfits, their make up, the way they present themselves and i am addicted to magazines...i mean not only VOGUE but heat, cosmo, glamour (I've even been known to partake in a bit of pick me up from time to time!eek!). Needless to say, when i began reading other peoples beauty blogs I found that they were a way of combining a bunch of things that i love. But it was better -You're all real people, with real opinions and recommendations. Genius!
For me, blogging began out of a need to keep active and functional. I was recently made redundant and while I'm not feeling great about my position of (gasp) unemployment, my blog keeps me interested and positive. It really is a bit like therapy!

What do you do outside of blogging?

As I said, i am currently on an employment hiatus (much nicer than saying jobless!) but there's a lot more to me than work! <---she says positively. I guess that main thing is music. I am a semi pro singer and I have a couple of function bands(yas, i am the wedding singer!) on the go at the moment. One is called A side soul (not my name choice) and as the title suggests we have a full brass section and concentrate on funk, soul and more modern stuff. The other is a ceilidh/contemporary band called The Tenements and we are hoping to be put out in either the middle or far east for a contact in October.

I also love doing little arty projects here and there like painting converse for my lovely BF( he literally just said 'i better get a mention in this.' There you go. bah!)

or doing canvasses, making cakes...whatever takes my fancy really!

Whats your favourite word?

Haemoglobin. definitely.

What do you think about the way you look?

Hmm...this is difficult. The answer to this varies massively from day to day. Id be interested to hear how everyone else answers it!
On a good day id give myself a 7 out of 10. On a bad day...eek!

On a good day the things that ill be looking at are: My colouring (i like that i am pale and interesting and with my dark hair i have what my auntie calls 'snow white' colouring), my eyebrows (always commented on! random I know!), or eyes.

On a bad day, the things i cant get past are: aha, i am totally a believer of the notion that most people wont even notice your flaws until you tell them. Overall though, I'm fairly happy and its nothing a bit of slap cant at least make look a bit better!

Whats your favourite feature?

Gah, i just answered that. I like the combination of my really dark hair and really pale skin. not so great for finding foundations though!

Whats your favourite make up look?

As a fan of the 40's & 50's look i think there is no beating flawless skin, winged liner and matte red lips. I do like to make it a bit more modern and do it with bright pink matte lips too.

Who is your style icon?

As pained as i am to say it, i love the ashlee simpson/rachel bilson style laid back chic. Having said that, my body is much better suited to 50's style tailoring so i look to Holly Willoughby or Dita Von Tease for inspiration. Its hard to do casual curves...any ideas anyone??

What is your HG make up product and why?

Lily Lolo Foundation. Not only is it one of the few brands to make a shade pale enough for me, it is also affordable at £12 for a 10g pot but it also has done wonders for my skin!i used to be quite prone to break outs but LL has definitely made a HUGE difference.

Are you a drug store or high end girl?

I think that in the most part, you get what you pay for. Ive always gone high end for the important stuff; especially foundation (until i found LL),blush and for highly pigmented eye shadows and lipsticks that just cant be replicated by a drug store brand. However, i think that for more disposable items like nail polish or mascara the only harm in going drug store is heavier pockets.

What bag do you carry?

Usually this one from Urban Outfitters.

Gold or Silver?

I used to be neither really. I tended to go to alternative jewellery, usually something organically shaped in turquoise but lately i am finding that more and more I'm liking gold.

Worst make up disaster?

not strictly make up but when i was about 14 i started wearing 'hazel' coloured contacts. In hindsight, they looked orange. not a good look.

What is your most prized possession?

I'm caught between 2 things. The first is the engagement ring that I inherited from my granny. I never take it off.

The second is the first canvas i ever painted. a black and white graphic image of Jim Morrison.

Id be gutted if i lost either.

Shoes.Heels or Flats?

oooh. day to day i have to say flats. But i can never get that exited about flats. My favourites are these beauties! Black shoe boots with a deep slash lined in gold. Love them!

Biggest indulgance?

I am quite an indulgant person so expect there to be a lot!

I am a total foodie and love to eat so i think my biggest indulgances are: cheese.reeses pieces.amaretto.diary milk with oats and cranberrys.rose wine.asian food - give me a prawn thai curry or a singapore style rice noodles every day of the week!And sleep!And of course shoes, make up and general shopping!

May as well just sign me up for all of the 7 deadly sins!

Oooh i quite enjoyed that! So i tag everyone who reads this! Looking forward to hearing all of your answers! x

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Yays and Nays, Hot or Not, Worth the cash or Gash??

I have loved reading about all the things you are currently coveting or rating, and the things that really 'grind your gears' - Lindsay Lohan anyone? So heres mine:

- My Gypsy Multi Coloured Chandelier! Never fails to make me smile!
- Mounds of President Emmenthal cheese melted in a baked tattie with beans!mmmm...
- Lily Lolo foundation: My skin has never looked better now that ive switched to mineral make up. Cant sing its praises loud enough!
- Me and Zena Yeah! Necklace. Definitely on my shopping list soon.
- Pixiwoo's youtube tutorials. Just awesome!
- The beautiful swiss cheese and bacon croussants (sic?) that i am brought to eat in bed. Im a lucky girl!
- My Lost Boxset. Huzzah!
- Radox Goodnight pillow spray. This is an absolute miracle worker. I have actually been asleep before 3 o clock at least 3 times this week - and thats positively unheard of!
- My Tonsills. Boo!
- The massive mound of washing (and obviously ironing after the washing) i have to do!
- Skinny Jeans. I just dont have the legs. Bah!
Aah, its really good to see my YAY list far outweighs the NAYS. Blogging really is therapy!

Random Photo tag

Ive been loving the random posts that everyone has been putting up recently and since i am currently wrapped up in my bed with tonsillitis AND a stinking cold im going to go ahead and do the random photo tag. The aim is to go into ur photo folder, go into the 4th folder and pick the 4th photo, and then explain it. If anyone else hasnt done it yet i tag thee!

This is the photo i got:

Its my lovely friend John about to be eaten by bloody great big plastic shark! John and I go waaaaaaaaay back (Over a decade!woah!) and i consider him one of my closest friends. To cut a long story short he recently got his American VISA through after over a year of waiting so moved away from Scotland to return to his girlfreind Heather and get married! Yay John!

So, this photo was taken on one of our many day out jaunts. Earlier that morning we'd trawled the vintage shops to find john a tux jacket to wear to Bond night and then we decided to go to Deep Sea World to see the FUSH!I believe that we went round the underwater flat-escalator big shark tank thingy about 4 times before standing outside in the pelting rain watching the sea lions. arf arf arf! We then ate the worst pizza i have ever eaten! Mine was prawn and garlic (which on reflection may have been a bit misguided! Im sure not many would order prawns after an afternoon in the company of thousands of marine animals!eek!) and it came out literally dripping with either prawn juice or tomato juice or some combination thereof! I hd to pour myself a slice of pizza but somehow John and i ended up finding it hilariously funny and laughed for AGES! It was an awesome day which was kind of bittersweet cos we knew that this would be one of the last time we got to hang out before he moved away forever.aww.

Miss you May!x

My Beauty Icons

Im the first to admit that I, like thousands of other girls on the planet, am affected. There is always someone I see, be it on the street, the red carpet, a magazine...whatever, that i look at and admire and think 'wow'. These women are my beauty icons, the ones who make me re evaluate myself and my look and tweek it, even if just very slightly.
Oh and these are not in order of Icon-ness!
1) Kat Von D. She has a style that is her own and i love that she doesnt conform to looking 'pretty'. Her tattoos are sick and her hair and make up is always high impact and creative. ICON ALERT!
2 + 3) Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry...Wow, i didnt realise how similar they were looking these days till i found this picture. Both of these ladies always look great and both have my colouring (pale skin and dark hair)so all the better!

4) Bettie Page. Just a few steps away for Marilyn Monroe, Bettie flew the flag for a different kind of glamour.

5) Dita Von Tease.No explanation needed. But look what make up and hair can do for a person! She's almost unrecognisable!6 + 7)And a million miles away, i love how Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby always seem to glow! And i love the way that Holly flatters her curves! STYLE ICON!

And Finally 8) Not the coolest of choices but I think Ashlee Simpson looks AMAZIO!! from the glow to the hair (beautiful colour here!i want red hair!!) to the laid back style, she is gorgeous!
Who are your icons??

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you...

In the interest of getting to know you all better i thought id join in the 25 THINGS ABOUT ME posts. So here are my things...they took ages to write but im happy that they sum me up. So go on everyone, i tag you all!

1) Firstly, i am horrible at goodbyes and I am most definitely a crier. In fact, looking back on my primary school sweatshirt that the whole class signed, most of the comments go something like 'Hope you stop crying soon, love tony' or 'Stop crying!I'll see you everyday at High School, Love Louise. BOMA'. I think this relates to the fact that i hate change.

2) My star sign (Cancer) denotes that i should be both maternal and home-loving. In reality i am the least maternal person ever. I really hope it will kick in one day but i just cant see myself surrounded by little people. Also, i left home at 17 and consequently cant stay at the parental home for longer than a weekend before i turn back into a sulky teenager.

3) I wish i knew my parents better than i do.

4) I never forward plan when it comes to the big stuff. I tend to crash into the big things by accident. for example: I didnt apply for Uni because i just didnt really get round to it and then all of a sudden i got dragged along to the open day of the Acedemy of Contemporary Music and found myself studying there almost by accident.

5) I sometimes feel like im going to be caught out and seen as an imposter when good things happen to me, as if some higher power will realise a mistake has been made and take it back.

6) I delight in yelling out 'FAIL' if Im in the car with somebody who hits the curb when they are driving but i cant actually drive myself yet.

7) I really want a fringe but am too scared to do it. In fact my hair has always been exactly the same as it is now. Id love to do something totally drastic but im waaaaaaaaaaay too scared.

8) Things that i hate are: wet bottoms of trousers, when the sheet on the bed comes away from the corners of the mattress, when poeple are outside and call the ground 'the floor' .Equilly when people are inside and call the floor 'the ground'.

9) My neice Teagan is not even 3 years old yet but she already sings Sex is on Fire by the Kings of Leon. Yesterday she came to show me that she had a Rice Krispie on her finger that she had stuck up her nose. And yet, despite her being uber cool...still dont feel maternal. Dammit.

10) My favourite possessions are: My multi-coloured full size chandelier, the canvas that took me ages to paint, my 3 shoeboxes full of memories and letters and the engagement ring that my grandmother left me in her will.

11) Boys seem to want to buy me technology. I have been given a TV, Dvd player and Digibox.

12) I cried at the directors commentary of LOTR because i saw how much effort and love had gone into it and felt really happy that it recieved praise accordingly.

13) I am the palest person i know and find it imossible to find good foundation. In the sun i tan from grey to bright white and apparently if i stand in front of a lamp i can look transparent.

14) I have never met another person other than myself who can move their pinkie toes independantly of the other toes. I challenge you all.

15) I know a lovely boy who calls me Grub. Other nicknames over the years have included Schmefamy Schmismop, trotters, stiffy, stephinately, Scottish Steph, Singer Steph, Jiggly. I actually hate my name and cant wait to marry out of Hislop.

16) i hate my legs.

17) Against my better judgement i LOVE rustlers burgers and i dont care that they are probably made from Cow vagina.

18) I cant think of anything i would rather be doing than singing....but i dont sing in the shower unless i am REALLY sure that everyone has gone out.

19) Relationships along the years have taught me much about myself. Boy 1 taught me to care. Boy 2 taught me that i should never lose sight of my worth. Boy 3 taught me to pick myself up and dust myself down and be open again. Boy 4 taught me to see the good in people. Boy 5 taught me to take chances and Boy 6 taught me that i am loveable. Girl J saw them all.

20) I enjoy food. A LOT.

21) Mess follows me around. I swear i do not make it. It just happens around me.

22) I love to get really into a Boxset. At the moment i am loving the Ugly Betty and Gossipgirl box sets, but i have also previously been right into the depths of the Lost, Prison Break, Peepshow and Family Guy boxsets. I hate when they end.

23) I would like to be Zooey Deschanel and would kill my firstborn (that shall never be) for the navy with red piping coat that she wore in Yes Man.

24) I will not truly be a grown up until i own a tiny sausage dog that i will name Amanda. She will have lovely mid brown hair and i will look into her eyes and know that we are kindred spirits.

25) There are 4 million Bicycles in beijing, but i still hate Katie Melua. And Dido. Boom.

On The bandwagon

Shampoo: I usually alternate between Herbal Essenses for dazzling shine and Pantene for Brunettes or if im feeling fluch i LOVE tigi oatmeal shampoo.

Condtioner: The corresponding conditioner to the shampoo.

Styling products: any combination of the following depending on the look: Tressemme heat styling spray, Tressemme volume and lift mousse, BeadHead SUPERFICIAL smoothing liquid for shiny silky hair and Loreal Elnett hairspray.

Shower Gel: Palmolive Milk and Honey shower gel. Smells DIVINE!

Body moisturiser: Palmers Cocoa Butter

Deodrant: Sure Crystal clear aqua

Fake Tan: Dont use it! Pale revolution!!!

Cleanser: Neutrogena visibly clear oil free cleanser

Exfoliator: Garnier 3 in 1 wash scrub and mask. Love for a deep clean feeling!

Primer: MAC prep and prime

Foundation: Lily Lolo Mineral foundation in Porcelain - HG!!

Foundation brush: Lily Lolo Super Kabuki brush

Concealer: Lili Lolo cover up in Blondie

Powder: None!

Blusher: I swear by Prestige Skin loving Minerals bluch in Pink

Bronzer: NARS Laguna

Highlighter: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Gold

Eyeshadow base: UDPP.

Eyeshadows: Benefit Big Beautiful eyes set

Eyeliner: Depending on the budget it'll be either Bobbi Brown Gelwear or Boots 17 which is suprisingly great!

Eyelash curler: Shu Uemura

Eyelash base: Can't say I ever use one!

Mascara: Loreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara

Lipstick: Im loving Boots 17 Pure Colour in Hot Chili - its the red im wearing in the last picture of the hair timeline.

Nail Colour: OPI Go On Green

The life and hair of me!

Hi Everyone,
I am aware that it has been literally AGES since i last posted and i pretty much fell off the blog wagon...but there's been a lot going on! As i said in my last post, i recently lost my job as an Events Manager at a live music venue so i've been spending this time looking and applying for jobs- Didn't think it would take this long! So now i have a few job prospects that are looking good... but i dont want to jinx my chances so i'll tell you about them as and when they do or dont work out!
Anyway, I have also been really getting into reading everyone elses blogs! Im loving Natalya at Filthy Gorgeous, Hele Says, Holly at The Yummy Mummy, Rosie and american beauty Nessa at nessasary make up...soooo many beautiful girls with great blogs.
I am loving reading everyones hair timeline and am majorly impressed with the hair bravery of you all! I always go to the hairdresser and ask for something comepletely different that's a radical change...but i always come out with the same straight, brown longish hair.
But heres a run down on the tiny changes that have occured in my hair world:

This first one was when i was 17 and had just moved away from Edinburgh to Surrey to go to boarding school. My hair was pretty much the template and the basic 'revert back to' style that i have always had. Longish, brown and straight. And dull.

Then while at Uni studying vocals and generally being a poor musician, i grew my hair pretty long, added a few highlights and began to curl it a bit with my GHD's. Finally a bit of texture to my hair! I quite like this look. quite romantic and pretty.

Winter came and i dyed it back to a dark brown. At this point i discovered how much better my hair looked with VOLUME so got a bit backcombtastic. Sultry!

Then what with being at Uni, partying WAY too much and generally not taking care of myself, i started to fall apart. My eyes just couldn't cope with the contacts I was wearing all the time so started to reject them, leaving me not only totally red of eye but also pretty blind. I had to start wearing my glasses full time for about 6 months while my eyes settled down which i HATED! My hair got really dry and broken from all the back combing and heat abuse so i chopped it to shoulder length, cut in a side fringe and mainly because i refused to touch it with any heat styling, wore it tied back most of the time.
I then pretty much left it to do its own thing until i moved back to Edinburgh after uni. I put it a slice of caramel blonde down one side which I liked... although it was weird; Ages after id had it done, i mean about a year or so, people started saying "ooh, thats new!"
And then it got left again due to a lack of money so it got LONG and a bit scraggley...

Until i got it chopped to just below shoulder length, cut the side fringe back in again and dyed it black which is where i am today!

Id LOVE to do something totally different with it though! Any ideas??