Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you...

In the interest of getting to know you all better i thought id join in the 25 THINGS ABOUT ME posts. So here are my things...they took ages to write but im happy that they sum me up. So go on everyone, i tag you all!

1) Firstly, i am horrible at goodbyes and I am most definitely a crier. In fact, looking back on my primary school sweatshirt that the whole class signed, most of the comments go something like 'Hope you stop crying soon, love tony' or 'Stop crying!I'll see you everyday at High School, Love Louise. BOMA'. I think this relates to the fact that i hate change.

2) My star sign (Cancer) denotes that i should be both maternal and home-loving. In reality i am the least maternal person ever. I really hope it will kick in one day but i just cant see myself surrounded by little people. Also, i left home at 17 and consequently cant stay at the parental home for longer than a weekend before i turn back into a sulky teenager.

3) I wish i knew my parents better than i do.

4) I never forward plan when it comes to the big stuff. I tend to crash into the big things by accident. for example: I didnt apply for Uni because i just didnt really get round to it and then all of a sudden i got dragged along to the open day of the Acedemy of Contemporary Music and found myself studying there almost by accident.

5) I sometimes feel like im going to be caught out and seen as an imposter when good things happen to me, as if some higher power will realise a mistake has been made and take it back.

6) I delight in yelling out 'FAIL' if Im in the car with somebody who hits the curb when they are driving but i cant actually drive myself yet.

7) I really want a fringe but am too scared to do it. In fact my hair has always been exactly the same as it is now. Id love to do something totally drastic but im waaaaaaaaaaay too scared.

8) Things that i hate are: wet bottoms of trousers, when the sheet on the bed comes away from the corners of the mattress, when poeple are outside and call the ground 'the floor' .Equilly when people are inside and call the floor 'the ground'.

9) My neice Teagan is not even 3 years old yet but she already sings Sex is on Fire by the Kings of Leon. Yesterday she came to show me that she had a Rice Krispie on her finger that she had stuck up her nose. And yet, despite her being uber cool...still dont feel maternal. Dammit.

10) My favourite possessions are: My multi-coloured full size chandelier, the canvas that took me ages to paint, my 3 shoeboxes full of memories and letters and the engagement ring that my grandmother left me in her will.

11) Boys seem to want to buy me technology. I have been given a TV, Dvd player and Digibox.

12) I cried at the directors commentary of LOTR because i saw how much effort and love had gone into it and felt really happy that it recieved praise accordingly.

13) I am the palest person i know and find it imossible to find good foundation. In the sun i tan from grey to bright white and apparently if i stand in front of a lamp i can look transparent.

14) I have never met another person other than myself who can move their pinkie toes independantly of the other toes. I challenge you all.

15) I know a lovely boy who calls me Grub. Other nicknames over the years have included Schmefamy Schmismop, trotters, stiffy, stephinately, Scottish Steph, Singer Steph, Jiggly. I actually hate my name and cant wait to marry out of Hislop.

16) i hate my legs.

17) Against my better judgement i LOVE rustlers burgers and i dont care that they are probably made from Cow vagina.

18) I cant think of anything i would rather be doing than singing....but i dont sing in the shower unless i am REALLY sure that everyone has gone out.

19) Relationships along the years have taught me much about myself. Boy 1 taught me to care. Boy 2 taught me that i should never lose sight of my worth. Boy 3 taught me to pick myself up and dust myself down and be open again. Boy 4 taught me to see the good in people. Boy 5 taught me to take chances and Boy 6 taught me that i am loveable. Girl J saw them all.

20) I enjoy food. A LOT.

21) Mess follows me around. I swear i do not make it. It just happens around me.

22) I love to get really into a Boxset. At the moment i am loving the Ugly Betty and Gossipgirl box sets, but i have also previously been right into the depths of the Lost, Prison Break, Peepshow and Family Guy boxsets. I hate when they end.

23) I would like to be Zooey Deschanel and would kill my firstborn (that shall never be) for the navy with red piping coat that she wore in Yes Man.

24) I will not truly be a grown up until i own a tiny sausage dog that i will name Amanda. She will have lovely mid brown hair and i will look into her eyes and know that we are kindred spirits.

25) There are 4 million Bicycles in beijing, but i still hate Katie Melua. And Dido. Boom.


  1. 16) agree with you 100%, same here!

    17) made me laugh a LOT!

    21) I just told my boyfriend that, he laughed for a long time and said a truer word cannot be said about me, haha!!!

    Thanks for a fab read :)

    x x x

  2. You have now found somebody other than you that can move their pinkie toe away from their other toes!! Yep i can do it!! But strangely enough only with my left foot not my right. I can also cross my 2nd toe over my big toe lol, but only on my right foot not my left?! Yes i have freaky feet. :)

  3. Oh wow! i feel now that we are duty bound to organise some sort of foot olympics! What say you LoveAtFirstBite??x

  4. Haha cow vagina & Amanda.
    Can't belive I've only just found your blog, brilliant

  5. @ zzzoe84 So glad you found me! Thanks for subbing! Cant believe i wrote the words 'cow vagina' in a blog! Oh the shame!