Saturday, 28 March 2009

An Epiphany. OOH.

I don't know about you but I for one, have always been one of those girls who would goes to the shop down the road with not a stitch of make up on...but kinda looks at the ground to avoid meeting anyones eye(and then doubtless sees someone she knows and has to hide!).

My boyfriend likes me without make up fact he says he loves my 'bald eyes' and says that my eyes look big and cute. Bah, I spend way too much time not to mention money, on make up for that to be the case!But 9 times out of 10 isn't that just the way with most guys??
Now I'm sure that their ignorance to make up is largely questionable here: guys tend to like the no make up 'look' which we all know (all too well if you ask me!) is not actually sans product!

BUT... read on to see where i make a slight, if not, complete bloody massive U-turn all over the road!

So what started me off down this treacherous path of bare faced confusion? Well, today I came across a picture of Dita Von Tease sans make up...And i see it! I see what they see!

Now please, in no way am i saying that i look anywhere close to the stunning NATURAL beauty of Miss D vonT, but having always been presented with her high maintenance glamour, which for the record I adore, I find it refreshing...nay, illuminating (!) to see her without make up.

Just look!
I am not saying that ill be giving up make up. or even toning it down. God no! Perish the thought! But what I am saying is this: The next time my boyfriend tells me he likes my bald eyes I'm not going to tell him that no, in fact they are piggy eyes and look MINGING. I'm going to chill out and believe him.

And just like that, i had my epiphany moment. ta da!

So here's a bunch of other celebs looking stunning sans product for your consideration.

Christina Aguilera for Versace
Ashlee Simpson.

Audrina Partridge from The Hills...not entirely convinced that this is COMPLETELY no make up.but close! Jessica Simpson
And finally Eva Longoria
And yes, they all look stunning.
But what are your views??


  1. it is refreshing :) I know my other half always says he prefers me without makeup. I think alot of guys do. However I still wont be going out in public with no makeup!

  2. I can definately see the appeal - Dita looks so much younger without makeup. However I also love the way we can use makeup to project an image of how we want the world to see us, and we can change that image whenever we want - so I suppose being makeup free is another image we can project...

  3. Exactly,spot on MizzW. There are such negative connotations, from the media and filtered through to most of us, that go hand in hand with a completely make up free face: Either the woman is too lazy to apply it or just doesnt care.
    It's just taken a single picture to shift my mindset to truly see the beauty in it. Aah the Tease effect! x

  4. Lovely photos of them girls! My boyfriend says he likes me without make-up but when I go out he always says it looks like I'm not wearing much but says my jaw line looks nice (bronzer) and my eyes look nice (lots of product!). I like to make make-up look like it's barely there but very "done". I prefer to work on making the skin look awesome.

  5. Great blog! I love the fresh faced look and agree it looks young and pretty. When I don't wear make up, my husband just says my "skin looks bad today". I try natural looking make-up and this takes hours- irony at its best! x

  6. Totally agree with you and mizzworthy (as usual!). It's so refreshing to see celebs with little or at least minimal make up on, it gives us all confidence. We're so used to seeing them covered in it, or with their every flaw circled in's no bad thing, we ALL have flaws, and they shouldn't be circled in magazines, but we shouldn't be ashamed either! x x x

  7. More and more celebrities should have untouched photos, go without make up, stop getting plastic surgeries, and stop losing weight for attention. Our society is so shallow, materialistic, greedy, and a ton of other negative characteristics(with positive ones as well). Appearance isn't everything and we should teach kids that. Otherwise they're just going to marry people based on looks,which isn't right--it's a divorce waiting to happen. I'm not going to lie and say that it's not important. It's important in a relationship.