Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I've seen this on a few other blogs...and its genius! The website is http://www.taaz.com/ and allows you to use a picture of yourself (or anyone else) with your hair tied back and no make up on and digitally try out a bunch of different make up and hair looks.

You apply the make up one layer at a time according to a colour wheel which then tells you the corresponding product from a massive range including Bobbi Brown, Stila and even MAC.

For me the fun was really to be had in the hair section. Ever wondered what you look like as a blonde(Ill!)? with a fringe(fat faced!)? a crop(Hitler!!!)?...This is place to try it out without committing to the chop.

Here are a few of mine:

As a red head with a fringe

Light brown. for some reason i think i look a bit like Kym Marsh here. blegh.Ew. minging choppy hair.And finally, a bob. all i can say is NO!I can here by state that i will not be taking any of these picture to the hairdresser any time soon!

But someone who actually DOES look good in these photos is my long suffering bf. I did of course ask permission to post these (frankly rather scary) photos and was told that i could, as long as i also posted a picture of him looking normal.

So heres everyday Fraser:And here is, my boyfriend, The barmaid.Ewwwwwww.creepy.And finally, my boyfriend: Nicky Hilton.I definitely suggest you give it a go. This kept me entertained for HOURS!



  1. I tried this website last night on your suggestion- endless fun! The make-up tool was quite impressive. The hair didn't work so well for me- it just made my face look very fat!

  2. Hehe, mine too! I was quite horrified that I was outprettied by my man! The shame, the shaaaaaame!!!!xxx