Thursday, 26 March 2009


Firstly, why did you start blogging?

Long story short: I am a supremely nosey person. I am always people watching; looking at their outfits, their make up, the way they present themselves and i am addicted to magazines...i mean not only VOGUE but heat, cosmo, glamour (I've even been known to partake in a bit of pick me up from time to time!eek!). Needless to say, when i began reading other peoples beauty blogs I found that they were a way of combining a bunch of things that i love. But it was better -You're all real people, with real opinions and recommendations. Genius!
For me, blogging began out of a need to keep active and functional. I was recently made redundant and while I'm not feeling great about my position of (gasp) unemployment, my blog keeps me interested and positive. It really is a bit like therapy!

What do you do outside of blogging?

As I said, i am currently on an employment hiatus (much nicer than saying jobless!) but there's a lot more to me than work! <---she says positively. I guess that main thing is music. I am a semi pro singer and I have a couple of function bands(yas, i am the wedding singer!) on the go at the moment. One is called A side soul (not my name choice) and as the title suggests we have a full brass section and concentrate on funk, soul and more modern stuff. The other is a ceilidh/contemporary band called The Tenements and we are hoping to be put out in either the middle or far east for a contact in October.

I also love doing little arty projects here and there like painting converse for my lovely BF( he literally just said 'i better get a mention in this.' There you go. bah!)

or doing canvasses, making cakes...whatever takes my fancy really!

Whats your favourite word?

Haemoglobin. definitely.

What do you think about the way you look?

Hmm...this is difficult. The answer to this varies massively from day to day. Id be interested to hear how everyone else answers it!
On a good day id give myself a 7 out of 10. On a bad day...eek!

On a good day the things that ill be looking at are: My colouring (i like that i am pale and interesting and with my dark hair i have what my auntie calls 'snow white' colouring), my eyebrows (always commented on! random I know!), or eyes.

On a bad day, the things i cant get past are: aha, i am totally a believer of the notion that most people wont even notice your flaws until you tell them. Overall though, I'm fairly happy and its nothing a bit of slap cant at least make look a bit better!

Whats your favourite feature?

Gah, i just answered that. I like the combination of my really dark hair and really pale skin. not so great for finding foundations though!

Whats your favourite make up look?

As a fan of the 40's & 50's look i think there is no beating flawless skin, winged liner and matte red lips. I do like to make it a bit more modern and do it with bright pink matte lips too.

Who is your style icon?

As pained as i am to say it, i love the ashlee simpson/rachel bilson style laid back chic. Having said that, my body is much better suited to 50's style tailoring so i look to Holly Willoughby or Dita Von Tease for inspiration. Its hard to do casual curves...any ideas anyone??

What is your HG make up product and why?

Lily Lolo Foundation. Not only is it one of the few brands to make a shade pale enough for me, it is also affordable at £12 for a 10g pot but it also has done wonders for my skin!i used to be quite prone to break outs but LL has definitely made a HUGE difference.

Are you a drug store or high end girl?

I think that in the most part, you get what you pay for. Ive always gone high end for the important stuff; especially foundation (until i found LL),blush and for highly pigmented eye shadows and lipsticks that just cant be replicated by a drug store brand. However, i think that for more disposable items like nail polish or mascara the only harm in going drug store is heavier pockets.

What bag do you carry?

Usually this one from Urban Outfitters.

Gold or Silver?

I used to be neither really. I tended to go to alternative jewellery, usually something organically shaped in turquoise but lately i am finding that more and more I'm liking gold.

Worst make up disaster?

not strictly make up but when i was about 14 i started wearing 'hazel' coloured contacts. In hindsight, they looked orange. not a good look.

What is your most prized possession?

I'm caught between 2 things. The first is the engagement ring that I inherited from my granny. I never take it off.

The second is the first canvas i ever painted. a black and white graphic image of Jim Morrison.

Id be gutted if i lost either.

Shoes.Heels or Flats?

oooh. day to day i have to say flats. But i can never get that exited about flats. My favourites are these beauties! Black shoe boots with a deep slash lined in gold. Love them!

Biggest indulgance?

I am quite an indulgant person so expect there to be a lot!

I am a total foodie and love to eat so i think my biggest indulgances are: cheese.reeses pieces.amaretto.diary milk with oats and cranberrys.rose wine.asian food - give me a prawn thai curry or a singapore style rice noodles every day of the week!And sleep!And of course shoes, make up and general shopping!

May as well just sign me up for all of the 7 deadly sins!

Oooh i quite enjoyed that! So i tag everyone who reads this! Looking forward to hearing all of your answers! x


  1. I really love your paintings! I'm a food lover too!

  2. I just showed my husband the Doctor Who converse and he loves them!!! He wants some now though!!

  3. @ Jobetterdays - cheers lovely! My boy is the biggest Dr Who fan. Would actually be gay for Tennant. I'd be happy to do your husband a pair!x

  4. Seriously?!?!?! That would be awesome! Mine is the biggest fan too! When he had his own shop he actually built a tardis (Its now in bits in my spare room!) x

  5. Ooo wow, I just did a post a bit like this, a blog interview sorta thing...if I had of seen this first I would have credited you the idea, hehe! I love getting to know bloggers a newbie to your blog, this was great! I love you already, hehe :) x x x