Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The life and hair of me!

Hi Everyone,
I am aware that it has been literally AGES since i last posted and i pretty much fell off the blog wagon...but there's been a lot going on! As i said in my last post, i recently lost my job as an Events Manager at a live music venue so i've been spending this time looking and applying for jobs- Didn't think it would take this long! So now i have a few job prospects that are looking good... but i dont want to jinx my chances so i'll tell you about them as and when they do or dont work out!
Anyway, I have also been really getting into reading everyone elses blogs! Im loving Natalya at Filthy Gorgeous, Hele Says, Holly at The Yummy Mummy, Rosie and american beauty Nessa at nessasary make up...soooo many beautiful girls with great blogs.
I am loving reading everyones hair timeline and am majorly impressed with the hair bravery of you all! I always go to the hairdresser and ask for something comepletely different that's a radical change...but i always come out with the same straight, brown longish hair.
But heres a run down on the tiny changes that have occured in my hair world:

This first one was when i was 17 and had just moved away from Edinburgh to Surrey to go to boarding school. My hair was pretty much the template and the basic 'revert back to' style that i have always had. Longish, brown and straight. And dull.

Then while at Uni studying vocals and generally being a poor musician, i grew my hair pretty long, added a few highlights and began to curl it a bit with my GHD's. Finally a bit of texture to my hair! I quite like this look. quite romantic and pretty.

Winter came and i dyed it back to a dark brown. At this point i discovered how much better my hair looked with VOLUME so got a bit backcombtastic. Sultry!

Then what with being at Uni, partying WAY too much and generally not taking care of myself, i started to fall apart. My eyes just couldn't cope with the contacts I was wearing all the time so started to reject them, leaving me not only totally red of eye but also pretty blind. I had to start wearing my glasses full time for about 6 months while my eyes settled down which i HATED! My hair got really dry and broken from all the back combing and heat abuse so i chopped it to shoulder length, cut in a side fringe and mainly because i refused to touch it with any heat styling, wore it tied back most of the time.
I then pretty much left it to do its own thing until i moved back to Edinburgh after uni. I put it a slice of caramel blonde down one side which I liked... although it was weird; Ages after id had it done, i mean about a year or so, people started saying "ooh, thats new!"
And then it got left again due to a lack of money so it got LONG and a bit scraggley...

Until i got it chopped to just below shoulder length, cut the side fringe back in again and dyed it black which is where i am today!

Id LOVE to do something totally different with it though! Any ideas??

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