Sunday, 15 February 2009


PRICE - 2/5

WHERE TO BUY? In store at Jenners, House of Fraser, Harvey Nicolls or John Lewis. Unfortunately there is no UK website. Boo.

ABOUT: Here's what the American website says "Only prescriptives can create a shade to perfectly compliment any skin tone from pale ivory ro deep ebony. Then add in your preferred coverage, finish and specific visable skin needs such as oil control, moisturising, brightening and firming. And thats not all: The oil free, fragrance free, non acnegenic formula contains light reflecting particles to help diminish the appearance of flaws as well as anti oxidants to help protect skin all day. Brilliant!"
COLOURS TESTED: A custom blend mixed just for me.

With an appointment booked I went to Jenners, Edinburgh to have my foundation matched exactly to my bloody akward alabaster skin tone. I was greeted by a helpful assistant who removed the make up i already had on from around my jaw line. She then swatched 4 different pigment tones in the lightest gradient on my jawline and together we picked the one that seemed the closest match. we went for the warm one with peachy undertones.

We then talk about my skin needs and i say that i want oil control, no shimmer and with a medium to full coverage because i will be wearing it while performing under bright stage lights. With all this in mind she then goes about mixing my Custom Blend Foundation.

With a pale base she then adds in a bunch of other pigments including red, blue and yellow (its all looking pretty multi coloured and looks about as likely to be the right shade for me as a baby with a beard!) and then mixes the liquid by hand...NOTE: at this point she complains to me that they are not able to do this very well by hand and that they should have a mixing machine.

She then tries the colour out on me and it does indeed look great.

PRICE: Completely sky high at £47 for a 1 oz bottle. Its important to remember that its the mixing that you are paying here.

DID IT WORK FOR ME? No is the short answer. The colour seemed fine to me but after wearing it for a few days i found that i had quite definite tide marks so had to spend ages in the morning blending it into my neck...which is obvoisly paler than my jawline. Rubbish! I then continued to use it for a month and found that it broke my skin out in spots like id never had before. Maybe this is because i went for a full M/F coverage and wouldnt have been quite so thick if it were sheerer but i have to say, at £47 i wouldnt like to take the risk again.

- Blendable to your own skin shade.
- You can personally specify HOW you want your foundation to work for you by choosing your own properties ie shimmer, coverage.

- Broke me out. Badly.
- Cost. Waaaaay expensive
- Although the packaging looks nice, without a pump i found it quite fiddly and wasteful.
- It felt really heavy and greasy on my skin despite being oil free.
- Staying power wasnt great. i had to reapply around 3 o clock.
- Wasnt quite the perfect match that i hoped it to be.

Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation swatched on my hand. Looks like a good match.

And swatched on my pale old neck. Not so good.

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