Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentines Day Presents!

Happy Valentines Day!

Certainly the cynics will be huffing and puffing through today with none too veiled critisism about the commercial unsincerity of Valentines day...and theyre right: Who needs to be told that you must be romantic or romanced today? While this sentiment of forced affection and sacharine lace hearts on cards comes out rather contrived and i have to say that really, i dont buy into it all that much. The fact is, if you can celebrate someone who means a lot to you, then why not?! But when its genuine this is nothing out of the ordinary.

The old saying goes 'Flowers if you're sorry, Chocolate if you love', But i'd much rather have something with meaning. And that is exactly what i got! Yay! Last night Fraser gave me a wonderful present full of memories. The wonderfully thoughtful gent gave me a framed poster from the Rufus Wainwright concert we went to together on the first night we realised that there might be 'something' there. It seems he's been keeping it safe under his living room rug for a year and a half now. Bless. How awesome is that!?

And i also did something with meaning for the BF: He is addicted to Dr Who. In particular the 10th Doctor, David Tennant. Im not sure how much of this is a direct correlation but BF wears solely (bum dum chah!) Converse on his big old feet and has a pretty substantial Con i wanted to make a special pair for him...step (bah dum chah!) forward Dr Who Converse!

Grab a pair of Cons. I chose white cos i was worried about how the pencil marks of the design would show up - In hindsight it was really easy to draw on so maybe you could try a brighter colour?

Take out the laces in case they get painty then draw on the design and then just filled it in using Acrylic paint. The beginning: Mmm, Tennanty.

All the paint!Woohoo!

Fill in the outline using a thin black Sharpie pen to really make it POP!

Repeat on the other shoe OR do a different complimentary design. In true Dr Who stylie i went for a dalek. I am reliably informed that this is an old school one. Huzzah. The finished product. Im pretty pleased with how they came out!

And here he is: All happy with his geek shoes! Bashful gent that he is, he tells me that i must state that he usually looks verry dapper and not quite as scruffy as this. he apologises for the disgruntled appearance and he was in fact very happy with the shoes - But it was early and he had to get up to go to work.


  1. Wow, you've got some serious talent! What a fabulous gift...the ones with meaning and true thought always are :)

  2. You have an amazing talent! Those shoes are amazing! x