Friday, 13 February 2009

Stephanie McMakeup - The Beginning!

Having spent what feels like millions of pounds on dodgy make up, (all the potions, brushes, foundation after foundation after REALLY rubbish foundation...not to mention beauty bibles from Cosmo and Glamour to the Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual for reviews and how to's of said miracle products) I began to look elsewhere for my make up fix.

We all know that what a product says on the box (glowing even coverage...and hydrating too!) isnt always what you get...Orange cakey mess anyone?!

I wanted to find somewhere where the 'shop sell' isn't all you have to go by. Somewhere an idependant source is encouraged to have a real opinion on a product and know that where it promises a more beautiful you, what you're really buying into is...well, you, but with a bunch of gloop on your face. And i found it! Make up blogs are a grand way of getting impartial advice (ha, that sounds like one of those insurance adverts!) and honest opinions where you can see for free, no less (!) what that eyeshadow that looks amazing on the advert and you were thinking of trying, really looks like on a real person, NOT an airbrushed model applied by a professional.

I'm Steph, 23 year old beauty addict, gullible 'ooh-look-at-the-shiny-things' impulse buyer and Holy Grail product searcher. Any opinions or reviews on any specific product are based on my OWN experience on my OWN ridiculously pale, slightly oily skin. This may differ from you're own experience but it is for me, an honest reflection of how I find the product performs.

If you have any comments or questions or any suggestions about anything to do with make up or beauty or....anything just drop me a comment with a contact and i'll get back to you :0)

I don't believe that beauty is only skin deep...For me it's in the right products.

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  1. I felt compelled to comment on this was written amazingly, drew me in 100%! You put into words what each and every one of us bloggers feels I think :) Welcome (even if I am a little late on that one!!!) x x x