Saturday, 14 February 2009

Queen of Hearts look

If there was ever an excuse to go a bit mad with make up, I never needed it. So Valentines day...its a day that (depending on your situation of course) you want to rock one of three looks:

1) Absolutely no make up while you hibernate under the duvet with a solo bottle of Voddy. No mascara needed. Boom.
2) The 'Im having a night out with the girls and i damn well dont need/want a man' look. This calls for all the things that girls love but men hate - ie glitter and loads of it... + the classic single girl stone cold defiance. Note: or independant coupled girl...dont let me descriminate! :0) . Why is it that women and men have different make up ideals? How come guys think that the natural = coy and innocent = sexy?? To be discussed later!

And 3) The Valentines Special. Girls everywhere will be doing either the sexy red lip or the classic smokey eye. Why? Cos both looks are a winner every time...but thats tried and tested.

How abour a 4th look,just for fun.

In the spirit of Valentines here is a 'Queen of Hearts' look. I took inspiration from this awesome graphic -

And Terry Hatcher's Halloween 2008 look -

And came with this. I used only red (lip pencil actually!) and black and came up with something thats a little scarier than the graphic...but it was fun!And yes, i definitely have a top on! get your minds outta the gutters people!

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