Friday, 13 February 2009

Lily Lolo - A Great British Company!

My skin is problematic when it comes to finding the perfect foundation. Not only do i have sensitive skin that can be prone to break outs...but i am also the palest of porcelain.

In typical scottish style, i am pale.really pale. - The joke is that i tan from a light gray to bright white. When i stand in front of the sun i'm so pale that i go transparent. Once, while applying for my passport i was told that my picture would be disallowed as it was black and wasnt, the flash just whited out my blusher!

My perfect foundation would be this:

- Medium Coverage to transform my ruddy, pale complexion into a glowing porcelain canvas of a face.

- Doesn't irritate my skin or break me out.

- Must be pale enough to avoid the orange cake look. and this is HARD. Even MAC doesnt have a foundation pale enough. NC15 makes me look distinctly mask like around the jaw.

So...hard to come by. I have spent years, £££'s of pounds and been sorely dissapointed when the foundation that i had such high hopes gets worn for a couple of days before i catch myself in the wrong light and i see it...tide marks. And so, back to the drawing board. BUT, this time i think i have found it!

It's called Lily Lolo and it is, surprisingly, an online based british company. All the products are loose powder minerals and unlike many companies that market certain products as 'mineral' whilst actually retaining all the chemicals of a usual foundation, this only has 5 super natural ingredients.

In the past week that i have been using it, my skin has become clearer, i haven't had any more spots, it feels light and natural AND i have found the perfect colour for me - Porcelain. They also have cover ups, skin finishes, blush and bronzers,loose powder eyeshadows, lip and nail colours.

But the best thing is, they sell small CHEAP samples so you can try it out or get a few samples to swatch and check the colours.Foundation, Bronzer and Shimmer samples are 99p for a o.75g tub (which has lasted me over a week now) and 49p for a 1/4 teaspoon in a ziplock bag of cover up, blush and eyeshadow and there are tons of colours.So definitely go check out
PS i will do a proper review with pictures of the before and soon as i can work out how to place the pictures better

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