Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Yays and Nays, Hot or Not, Worth the cash or Gash??

I have loved reading about all the things you are currently coveting or rating, and the things that really 'grind your gears' - Lindsay Lohan anyone? So heres mine:

- My Gypsy Multi Coloured Chandelier! Never fails to make me smile!
- Mounds of President Emmenthal cheese melted in a baked tattie with beans!mmmm...
- Lily Lolo foundation: My skin has never looked better now that ive switched to mineral make up. Cant sing its praises loud enough!
- Me and Zena Yeah! Necklace. Definitely on my shopping list soon.
- Pixiwoo's youtube tutorials. Just awesome!
- The beautiful swiss cheese and bacon croussants (sic?) that i am brought to eat in bed. Im a lucky girl!
- My Lost Boxset. Huzzah!
- Radox Goodnight pillow spray. This is an absolute miracle worker. I have actually been asleep before 3 o clock at least 3 times this week - and thats positively unheard of!
- My Tonsills. Boo!
- The massive mound of washing (and obviously ironing after the washing) i have to do!
- Skinny Jeans. I just dont have the legs. Bah!
Aah, its really good to see my YAY list far outweighs the NAYS. Blogging really is therapy!


  1. OMG - I love that chandelier! Gorgeous - thanks for suscribing to my blog hun xxx

  2. No problem! Im pretty new to blogger and pretty inept when it comes to technology so it took me ages to find all you British bloggers...Sooo glad i did!Loving your blog.x

  3. That chandelier must be mine!

  4. i stumbled on your blog and i subbed! that chandelier is super cute...loves it