Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Random Photo tag

Ive been loving the random posts that everyone has been putting up recently and since i am currently wrapped up in my bed with tonsillitis AND a stinking cold im going to go ahead and do the random photo tag. The aim is to go into ur photo folder, go into the 4th folder and pick the 4th photo, and then explain it. If anyone else hasnt done it yet i tag thee!

This is the photo i got:

Its my lovely friend John about to be eaten by bloody great big plastic shark! John and I go waaaaaaaaay back (Over a decade!woah!) and i consider him one of my closest friends. To cut a long story short he recently got his American VISA through after over a year of waiting so moved away from Scotland to return to his girlfreind Heather and get married! Yay John!

So, this photo was taken on one of our many day out jaunts. Earlier that morning we'd trawled the vintage shops to find john a tux jacket to wear to Bond night and then we decided to go to Deep Sea World to see the FUSH!I believe that we went round the underwater flat-escalator big shark tank thingy about 4 times before standing outside in the pelting rain watching the sea lions. arf arf arf! We then ate the worst pizza i have ever eaten! Mine was prawn and garlic (which on reflection may have been a bit misguided! Im sure not many would order prawns after an afternoon in the company of thousands of marine animals!eek!) and it came out literally dripping with either prawn juice or tomato juice or some combination thereof! I hd to pour myself a slice of pizza but somehow John and i ended up finding it hilariously funny and laughed for AGES! It was an awesome day which was kind of bittersweet cos we knew that this would be one of the last time we got to hang out before he moved away forever.aww.

Miss you May!x


  1. I have a photo just like this at deep sea world - is it the one at south queensferry? x

  2. Yes!Crazy!where are you from??x

  3. I can just imagine it turning out that you lived in the house next door or something equally implausable! But i have to confess, i am uber-jealous that you have such good shopping...much better than the burgh!x

  4. Ha ha i know but whats the bet we know some of the same people ... 6 degrees of seperation and all that .. or is it 3?
    I must admit we are very lucky in Glasgow - the shopping is brilliant but we don't have the gorgeousness that is Edinburgh ... or the festival! I love coming through to Edinburgh x

  5. Edinburgh is beautiful but i guess it depends on whether you covet a lovely view of the castle or a close proximity to Urban Outfitters more...and I cant decide which side i fall on!
    And I'm sure there is some degree of seperation...its trying to figure it out is the hard part! x