Monday, 20 April 2009

A Scrubby Monday

Evening Bloggy Bloggers! I am having a fabulously indulgent Monday! To be fair it was started particularly nicely with a swiss cheese and bacon croissant brought to me n bed by lovely BF.Later I got stuck into a Quality Street Easter Egg (isn't there something special about egg shaped chocolate? It just tastes better somehow!?) and have just spent AGES pampering myself in the shower. I am now completely hairfree in all the places i want to be, scrubbed to within an inch of my life, facemasked, shea buttered and smelling delicious! God it feels GOOD! So i thought i would just write a quick blog about all thing shower things i am particularly loving right now:

Firstly let me just say that facial exfoliators are one thing that I have tried aplenty and this is far and away my favourite. I used to have teenage acne and its only in the last year or so since using mineral make up that i have gotten control of my skin back. Because of this i can be very particular about what i feel works for my skin. And this is one that i LOVE. I'm a fan of quite a gritty exfoliator which this is, but its not so harsh that i end up with pink cheeks. After using this i find that i am actually stroking my face because my skin is soooo soft (I know, quite a sight to behold!). An all round winner for me.

Next up is another exoliator, this time for the body...Can you tell that i love to scrub? Its LUSH'S BUFFY THE BACKSIDE SLAYER. This was the first time i have used any of Lush's exfoliator bars and i have to say that i loved it. Very stimulating and nicely packed with grit! The smell was slightly buiscuity but not in the fake tan, yucky way. The only downside is that I can tell this is not going to last long as the bar is already considerably smaller after the first use.

I'm pretty sure that everyone knows that for Body Butters, the Body Shop gets it right everytime...but i LOVE this one! The smell is seriously strong but so deliciously summery. Probably not recommended if your going to a picnic - it would be waspapalooza!

Anyway, in continuation of my indulgent day I'm away to make myself a baked tattie with masses of emmental!mmm.



  1. I adore the satsuma body butter - it was a christmas LE a couple of years ago, but I actually thing it smells really summery and fresh! Sounds like you have had a lovely pamper - enjoy the baked tattie! xxx

  2. I still have the Satsuma lip butter/gloss in a little jar. I got it only because of the smell, I admit that :) Enjoy your evening, hon!

  3. @ MizzWorthy, i know, i got my set for christmas too but i definitely associate citrus with summer. either way, its yummy!

    @ Rocaille, it is lovely smell. so fresh and so clean clean!evening is going camped out in front of Britains Next Top Model.

  4. Ooo it all sounds lovely, I might check out that scrub, because I'm still getting the odd blemish here and there, and as much as I love St Ives, it feels too harsh sometimes!

    Could I request a skincare post please, just interested to see what other facial products you use, or would recommend!

    x x x

  5. Skincare post coming right up