Friday, 10 April 2009

Lily Lolo Easter Discount

Greetings lovely followers! I for one will be taking advantage of this 15% off full size products at Lily Lolo. Im definitely going to get a back up of my HG foundation. Just in case you know!?

I would definitely recommend the foundations and the cover ups. The are my absolute Holy Grail of skin saviours. These products have made such a difference the condition of my skin and i almost never get breakouts anymore...and let me tell you, that is nothing short of amazing!

Other than that I have to say that Ive only tried a few other bits and pieces from this line, the first being the Flawless matte which is a mattifying skin finish. I like this but i dont feel that im oily or shiny enough to warrant a full sized one. The second thing i tried was the Blush sample in Rosy Apple. In the sachet it looks BEAUTIFUL with a stunning rosy pinky brown colour with the perfect shimmer to it. Now i am a total blush fiend...but i hated this one. I am uber pale and i really couldnt see this on my skin. I got absolutely no colour payoff. AT. ALL. NOTHING.

So if you want my advice, Order samples now (99p) so you can get an idea of the great products that Lily Lolo have and then go back and take the 15% off on a full size foundation or Cover up. If you try anything else, let me know how you find it! Enjoy!


  1. How does this range compare to Bare Escentuals which I use? :).

  2. I am very tempted to order some samples of this - heard so many good things about the foundation. I like to wear minerals at work for a more natural look...

  3. @ Happy1234, I found that the main differences for me were that BE had more of a shimmer to it which made my pores more noticeable whereas I can achieve more of the airbrushed look with the LL. The other thing that really influenced my move was that I couldnt really find a great colour match in BE but Lily Lolo do a great range of colours that work for people like me (MAC NW15 is too dark for me!). Each to their own but you should definitely try some samples. Hope that helps hun.

    @ MizzWorthy, i wear my minerals all the time. My skin just doesnt react well to liquids and as soon as i touch them i get all acnepalooza again! Try some samples! Let me know how you get on!


  4. I'm still torn about whether to try LilyLoLo or not...I'm worried that I might get addicted and with the economic climate the way it is they might go's a small on-line company after all, and I've heard rumours about it...not entirely sure if there is any truth in them or not. I have seen many positive things about the brand maybe I'll get some samples...! x x x