Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A few photos from the gammy eye day band photo shoot.

Ola! As promised here are a few of the photos that my band had taken the day before yesterday. We took over 160 photos and these are just the first 5 that i have been sent...I'm pretty sure that these one wont make the final cut though! Regular readers of my blog will know that I woke up the day of the shoot with a big massively swollen eye and although I iced it for ages and it went down significantly, you can definitely tell there's something funky with my face in these photos.

So like i said, just 5 random photos complete with various grimaces and awkward poses - certainly not the ones that we will end up using! I cant wait to get the whole 160 photos and to start marking off the good ones...Man i hope there are some good ones!!


  1. The photos are great, don't you worry, Steph!

  2. Thanks Rocaille(love your name btw!very exotic!), I cant wait to see the rest of the photos and see if there are any in which a) there's not one person having a big ass grimace and b) i dont think my face looks malformed. I'll post the best ones once ive had a chance to take a gander through them!But thanks for making me feel better!x

  3. Loving the photos...personally I can't see anything 'funky' on your face!!! You look lovely, as ever :)

    x x x

  4. Aw thanks Laura,i showed my mum the ones i got back and 'funky' was her observation! Arent mums just delightful!?
    I'll post some of the better ones up when i get them back.


  5. Hehe, Mum's always say it how it is, in my experience, whether we want to hear it or not!!! x x x