Monday, 13 April 2009

My gammy eye day

Isn't it just the case that as soon as you need to look good, you REALLY don't? Well, it was certainly the case with me today! My band were having some promo pictures taken to pass out to the agents and clients that might think about booking us in the future. The photos are supposed to be a visual representation of the product ie: we wanted to look bloody good...and today i woke up with a big swollen eye! Perfect!

I had been feeling a bit tender in the peeper but as a regular contact wearer I figured maybe my eyes were just a bit tired... but alas twas not the case as when i woke up this morning my right eye was about twice the size of the left one and seriously puffy. Needless to say I had a bit of a panic then as every good woman knows how to do, I went straight into damage limitation mode. Out came the ice pack, cold tea bags and frozen spoons. By the time I had to leave my eye was FAR less swollen.

A day of flouncing around Edinburgh and standing creatively in lines on rocks, against walls and in amongst thousands of daffodils with the band dudes was a great laugh. Short of wearing an eye patch and wearing a parrot on my shoulder, the tactic of dealing with the mutant eye was to do a 3/4 turn so the asymmetry wasn't as obvious... I hope I got away with it! Id better have!

Ill post up some pictures tomorrow when i get them back and you can let me know if i succeeded!


  1. Don't worry, Steph, I am sure it turned out fine! Ehn, I always feel something like that happens to me when I want to look really good :( Cheers!

  2. Thanks Rocaille, it ended up being a running joke that i had to present my best angles (read only parts of my face that didnt look mutant) to the camera. ah well!xxx

  3. Oooh don't worry, I am sure you looked absolutley STUNNING! I feel your pain, I am going to the beach tomorow for a few days and my skin has gone to hell. I have a rash on my neck, my left eye has also swollen up and I have broken out like crazy. I don't know wtf is going on, I'm guessing I've used something I shouldn't have. It's always the way though. And when your skin/hair/etc is perfect and you look fab, you have no where that you need to be lol

  4. @Sarah, between us we have a pair of gammy eyes! I have to say though id much rather have a gammy eye on a beach in sunny Oz than in Scotland! I guess you just need to keep everything that goes anywhere your face really simple and im sure it'll clear up in no time and you'll look fab on the beach! JEALOUS!!!

  5. Always the way isn't it! Natures way of making us stop feeling so smug...even though I never do!!! x x x