Thursday, 16 April 2009

What are your top rated drugstore...?

Afternoon Ladies of Blog. The time has come where, jobless as i am, i am going to have to spend some money. I have been living on a shoe string for the past 2 months meaning that unless it is food or bills ( or bought for me by lovely long suffering boy) i dont buy it...but i am going to have to change this habit tomorrow. I have officially run out of too many things.

So tomorrow i am going to head into town and i will be purchasing one each of the following items:

1) Mascara - currently using Loreal Collagen Mascara
2) Black Kohl liner - currently using Loreal Le Grand Kohl liner
3) Blush - currently using Prestige Skin Loving minerals blush in 01 Pink
4) Liquid liner - currently using Rimmel London Exaggerate

So heres where i need your help. The only thing i am dead set on repurchasing is the Prestige SLM Blush. This really is my perfect colour and shimmer combo. So, what would you recommend? I cant spend much on each item (a massive high end spree will take place when i get a job, or the one im waiting on gets funding confirmed!Grr!!) so for now it will be strictly drug store.

What are your recommendations??



  1. Definitely try GOSH for kohl liners - the black velet touch one is great but I'm using the black twist up one at the moment and I love it

  2. For mascara have you tried L'Oreal Voluminous or MAX factor false lash?

    Beauty UK (in Superdrug) do a great liquid liner for about £1.99.

    I really like Bourjouis Kohl & Contour.

    Btw Boots are doing a £2 off Revlon, Rimmel, Max Factor and L'Oreal voucher atm when you spend over £10.

    Hope that helps!


  3. Thanks Emma, I was definitely thinking of GOSH for eyeliners. Youve just sold it to me. I cant believe that 2 months out of the shopping loop and I feel so clueless again!xx

  4. hmm try some barry m products i love there nails and lip paints. i like most of the gosh products and love maybeline mineral blushers

  5. Eyeko big eyes mascara is my new HG mascara and only 4.99 at superdrug!! The collection 2000 liquid liner is good too xxx

  6. @ Lottie, thats awesome thanks, i think i can definitely take advantage of the £2 off at boots! Max Factor False lash mascara was a favourite of mine for ages!

    @ Sabrina, I may have to see if i can stretch my budget to include some Barry M nail polish!i need summery nails!

    @ Natalia, Ill check out the big eyes mascara, ill take he recommendaion of a HG produc any day!

    Thanks everyone, I'll let you know what i get tomorrow!xxx

  7. for a kohl I'd say gosh velvet touch ones - they are relaly good :D Rimmel volume flash is a mascara too :) x

  8. For mascara, I loved L'Oreal Telescopic Clean Definition. It gives longer, well defined lashes and adds some volume too. I also heard great things about Rimmel Sexy Curves, but haven't tried it out yet, since I just started my Covergirl Lashblast (I am making use of my stay in Canada ;). Check out GOSH for pencil eyeliners, but I am not that impressed with their Pen Eyeliner with felt tip.
    Hope that helps! XoXo

  9. Rimmel sey curves is a decent mascara for the price too - Rimmel is on 3 for 2 at the mo xxx

  10. Hey!

    Mascara - Superdrug have £2 off the new Maybelline Lash stilleto at the moment so its only £5.80ish

    Liner - The GOSH ones are really nice!

    Blush - My favourite at the moment is Maybelline mineral blush in Moonlight Mauve, its a gorgeous pink slightly shimmery colour. I've had it on since 8 this morning and its still there 16 hours later!

    Liquid Liner - If you like a bit of sparkle, I love the Bourjois one! It has a really thin brush so great for a really thin line, there is a voucher at boots at the moment and Bourjois is one of the brands included!

  11. Hopefully you found some bargains...I missed out on commenting on this one at the time, but the girls have covered everything I was going to! I'm going to check out that Prestige blush, sounds gorgeous x x x