Friday, 24 April 2009

Say No To Tango!

As the canvas to the picture, skin is in my opinion the most important aspect of beauty. Get the skin right and whatever else you do will look fine. Get the eyes and the lips looking incredible but leave the skin looking ruddy and dull...well lets be honest, noone's gonna die but the look just wont live up to its full potential.
There's lots that can go wrong when it comes to skin. My pet hate orange foundations or a thick laquer of fake tan on the face. It just looks plain wrong. Need I say more?
Valentino - like fine wine, he matured into a mahogony table.
Heather, 18 appeared on Snog Marry Avoid (Love it!!)
Fergie - not of the Black Eyed Peas
Frank Lampard
Really, Frank Lampard? Thought you were going for the natural look did you??Thought not. You may as well just go the whole hog. How about you take this picture to your make up artist (surely there cannot be a professional behind this!?) and beg her to lay this monstrosity upon your tangerine pus!?
But there's always one who goes out of their way to be different. Step up Paleface Johansson. Look at the difference between the colour of the back of her neck and her natural tan shoulders. Oops.
And it certainly doesn't stop there - overexposure to sunlight can leave you looking like this old pair of handbags. (Donatella Versace and Iggy Pop)
Bad times. No moral of the story here. Just a warning. Bad make up can happen to good people.


  1. i don't know what your talking about, they're all gorgeous, just what i aspire to look like ;)

  2. Lol - these pictures make me feel happy to be pale and interesting!

  3. I have a few cracking photo's of myself with the dodgiest tan! You might have seen me roaming princess street? There was a huge orange beacon around me? Yeah! But your right - bad make up does happen to good people...

    Well except Heather from snog marry and avoid - Lol!....that's just plain bad - poor lass (what the hell was she taught!)

  4. Great read! s/m/a is my fave show! x

  5. Ooh, I feel sorry for Scarlett :( It's so true - orange face looks terrible, straight out of the nineties!

  6. : O Fergie, you are supposed to be a Princess!!

  7. @ Saskia, yes Im sure the orange will compliment your hair! Lovely!

    @ MizzWorthy, Huzzah Ring the bell for us paleys! Id soo much rather be pale that look like a disesed citrus!

    @ Marie, get those picture out! I want to see!Heather is beyone the help of jenny frost and a machine.

    @ Natalia, I know, its like a morbid fasination! You cant NOT look!

    @ Rocaille, I agree, i felt bad about putting her in this post but its just not right!

    @ Sarah, yes she's princess satsumaface.

  8. I am deffo NOT loving the tango look, pale and interesting for me ALL the way :) x x x

  9. Just seen this of myself. SO Funny!
    Heather x