Sunday, 5 April 2009

MUA Series Part 2 Kabuki

2) KABUKI - The Avant Garde Master

Kabuki is a living legend amoung make up artists. Innovative and creative to the max, he is known for unusual colour combos and textural innovation using and attaching non make up mediums to the face. As a gallery shown artist, he clearly thinks of make up artistry as an extension of his work... and as this Gold lame'd image shows, of himself.

Note: that gold lamed image IS Kabuki!!

As a true 90's NY Klub Kid, Kabuki began turning himself into avant garde creations of beauty before peeking the interest of photographers such as Peter Lindbergh and Steven Klein to work his magic for their editorials. With work published in the likes of Vogues the world over, Harpers Bazaar, W and Paper, seen on Sex and the City and Ugly Betty, and having worked for MAC on celebrities such as Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Gwynth Paltrow and Gwen Stefani, these days he is celebrated as one of Make up's true visionaries.

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  1. My god-these looks are amazing! I think you and I have a lot of similar tastes in dramatic looks - these are amazing xxx

  2. I know, arent they incredible!? I love the top two here!The one with the eyelashes creeping round the face...such a dark idea! And the fish fin idea in pale silver - what i striking image! Do yuo have a favourite make up image?xxx

  3. Ohh thankyou so much for the comment! You are sooo sweet!!!! These are so striking! I love, love, love Kylie! She always looks so amazing, I think she can pull off anything! Take care : )

  4. Wow that is AWESOME! I'd be so choked if someone did something like that to my face then I have to wash it off.

  5. I know! Id be like 'just varnish my face, im keeping it!'

  6. Totally echo the sentiments of AsiaValentina's comment, my words exactly! Some serious talent and artistry, really inspiring! x x x