Friday, 17 April 2009

Just the essentials haul

So yesterday I finally admitted to myself that I had run out of too many things to not be able to justify getting myself to the shops! I thought i would LOVE being back at the tills... but actually i didn't get the rush i normally get from being handed a bag of new things. To be honest, i felt a bit guilty...maybe I'm just out of practice!?

Like i said in yesterdays blog, I was getting only the essentials and strictly drugstore only. So here's what made the final cut from your suggestions:

Mascara - MaxFactor false Lash Effect Mascara in Black, £10.76 (Boots £2 off voucher took it to £8.76!Huzzah!)
Liquid Liner - Boots 17 Liquid Liner in Black, £3.91

Blush - Skin Loving Minerals Blush in 01 Pink, £7.82

And swatched with flash. I'll do a full review on this for anyone who's interested.

Kohl Pencil - GOSH lets twist eyeliner in Carbon Black, £5.87

Thanks everone who gave me recommendaions in yesterday post. i had great fun swatching them all today and am pretty dam happy with my final decisions. And lastly as a special treat from the BF: Lush goodies!

BUFFY(the backside slayer) - on the left in the picture: "Lush's best seller in the Body Butters. Exfoliating scrub for the seating area" (but i assume i can be used all over the body!?) and AQUA MIRABILIS BODY BUTTER - "aqua is even more scrubby than buffy it will leave your skin smooth and silky giving you a great exfoliating shower or bath" . I cant wait to try these out!


  1. Great haul, sure let us know what you think about the Prestige blush!

  2. Let me know what you think of that GOSh liner.

    the Prestige blush looks exactly like Lock Rock grand duo by MAC!


  3. yeh i thought it looked like love rock from mac and yeh could you do a full review from it please because looks really nice :--) xxx

  4. No problem, Review of the Prestige blush coming soon.

    @ Emma, the swatch of the GOSH liner is STILL on my hand 8 hours later!I am seriously impressed so far!x

  5. Lovely, glad you got some nice goodies! I'm loving the look of the those Lush goodies, I'm really discovering a liking for their products at the moment! x x x

  6. @ Laura, Me too, i always used to walk past Lush, maybe it had something to do with the smell that seems to seep through your pores into your soul(!!) everytime you set foot in the door...needless to say im glad i got over that slight kink!x

  7. SAME HERE!!! I pretty much wrote just that in one of my latest posts! x x x