Friday, 3 April 2009

I smell like an orchard!

Hey everyone! Can I just say, i am sooo excited to have anyone to say hello to in the first place! So a massive thank you to everyone who's taken the time to read my blog and become a follower! I REALLY, REALLY appreciate it and get a massive kick every time i get another person. Instant upper!

Talking about instant uppers (what a flawless link!proud of myself!), today i have been thinking about how smell is the most emotive sense. Now if it came down to it, if i HAD to lose one sense it would be smell...but that would be such a shame!! Especially since this post is about my perfumes of the Summer.

1) THE NEW ONE: Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Vanilla Noir Eau De Toilette.

Lovely BF bought this for me recently knowing that i love vanilla (which by the way, is the scent proven that men like best on women. No jokes about the scent of dinner on table gents!).

"Master perfumers have transformed Madagascar vanilla into pure glamour with this tantalizing fine fragrance blend of dark vanilla bean, black plum, bergamot orange and warm, seductive musk.

Fragrance Top Notes: Living Black Plum, Exotic Dark Berries, Bergamot
Fragrance Mid Notes: Silky Gardenia, Purple Carnation, Vanilla Orchid, Tuberose Mist
Fragrance Base Notes: Living Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Extract, Whipped Toffee, Cinnamon Stick, Cashmeran, Sandalwood, Sensual Musks"

I have just one thing to say about this: mmmmmmmmm! I adore the smell of this perfume - so summery! It has a gentle smell, not at all over powering but makes me feel delicious! Cant recommend this enough!

It retails in America for $26.50 and the website are having a fragrance sale - buy 2 get 1 free. But if, like me, you live in the UK, I managed to get this from ebay for £22 for 75 ml including postage and packaging from the states. Not too bad and i LOVE it!

2) THE OLD FAVOURITE: Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet

Ive worn this since i was 16 when one of the older girls at my work had us all round to hers to get ready for a Christmas night out. She sprayed it and it was love( with the perfume, not the girl!)! The only other thing to have lasted that long in my life are my parents!

Ultraviolet Introduced by the design house Paco Rabanne in 2000,a vision of the new millennium translated into this spiritual essence of modern feminity.
A classic oriental, redesigned with a top note of spicy orange pimento, a middle note of Japanese florals combined with a base of ambery vanilla. A sensual, scintillating fragrance."

Interesting that this also contains vanilla! This always brings a smile to my face whenever i bring it out. I'm not sure if its all the memories that come flooding back each time i put it on (see, emotive!) or its the delicately fresh, light scent that never feels to make me feel girly, but this will always be my summertime favourite. Perfect for a night of cocktails! £36.46 for 80ml from

3) THE ONE I WANT: Yves Saint Laurent Opium

For evening, there can be no better than Yves Saint Laurent Opium: Around since 1977, this is the classic warm and sexy scent that's light enough for summer but rich enough to last on a balmy evening in the south of France (doesn't that sound awesome! I'm loosing myself in a fantasy now!).

"YSL Opium is a true legend among fragrances. It has a luxurious and sensual scent with an oriental undertone, enriched with mandarin, vanilla, jasmine and carnation."

And there is certainly no forgetting this iconic image of Sophie Dahl. Wow.

This is definitely on my wish list for summer. £47.47 for a 50ml I'm going to have to find the money somewhere...!
What are your favourites??

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  1. Far better than smelling like a landfill or a stable