Friday, 1 May 2009

Hark! Kitschnicity present in Me and Zena Jewellery!

All you make uppers will understand that the obsession doesn't just stop with putting pretty colours on your face. Its also about adorning your ears/wrist/neck/fingers/whatever with fun, sparkly, shiny things (magpie sparkles, i am with you on that one!). For me finding the right jewellery is just as important as picking out the right lipstick so let me introduce* you to one of my favourite new jewellery finds, ME AND ZENA

"Me & Zena is the brainchild of London based designer Zena Mckeown,(<---that's her) who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA in Visual Communication in 2004. She moved to London in 2005, clueless and broke, with a dream in her heart and a teenager in her soul, shouting things about unicorns, gold and love. With these three things in mind Zena created her first piece of jewellery and continues to satisfy her love of all things small, shiny and symbolic to this day."
Me and Zena is now pretty easy to get hold of. Firstly you can check out the website ( and order online which is the route I went down. I ordered on Tuesday morning and received my package by recorded delivery today (more about that in a sec). Alternatively Urban Outfitters are now stockists.
With that in mind here are a few pieces from me and Zena. I am most definitely partial to a wee bit of kitshnicity (have you seen my multi coloured chandelier!?) so I love that they are have a sense of fun and drama but are also wearable and subtle. Ok, ill stop now...needless to say I'm a fan.
GEEK GLASSES NECKLACE - "Put that Grazia away and get out your extensive Russian literature collection. We know you have one. Respect your inner geek with this dinky little glasses necklace. They even have glass 'lenses'!"

GIRLS WHO LIKE GIRLS PERSPEX BROOCH ( This also come in a boys who like girls version if youre not feeling your inner Katie Perry) "This brooch is perfect for girls who like to kiss girls! ME & ZENA love its dreamy art nouveau style. It comes in dramatic black or soft ivory in large or small."
LOVE-O-METRE (available with matching earrings) - "Test your love with our amazing 'Love-o-meter' rainbow heart necklace. Just think of that special someone and spin the arrow to find out if its lust or true love. 100% accuracy guaranteed!"

DEER BOY NECKLACE - "He's not Bambi, but he did get off with Feline while Bambi wasnt looking. Must be that twinkle in his massive eye."
There are lots more awesome pieces on the website so go check it post will show you what i got from Me and Zena. Hint: Love it!
* I say introduce but I've mentioned Me and Zena before in a few 'Yay or Nay' posts earlier.


  1. Totally my kinda stuff - I had an obsession with at one point last year and Me and zena is the more grown up versions (basically made out of metal and not plastic! lol) I might have to look into this one! x

  2. Ola! Just had a wee peep at HeidiSeeker - Love Barry the Bow. bless!

  3. Ooooooo gosh, don't get me hooked young lady! Off to look at the site now! x x x

  4. You can now by the Me & Zena range at a fab website

  5. I shop on tooooooo xx