Thursday, 14 May 2009

Cant Cook Wont Cook v Masterchef

Hands up all the foodies?!

Yes that's right, i do indeed have 2 hands (and a foot) raised pretty damn high. I LOVE food so much that i think that life is what happens between meals. Unfortunately I am one of life's unfortunately talentless cooks (ie i need to be supervised to attempt an omlette) so this evening when my lovely friend Claudia offered to come round to my flat for a few drinks and some tasty food i couldn't say 'yes' loud enough! Oh...and did i mention that she's a chef!?

Here's what Big C rustled up for us this evening:
Cod wrapped in prosciutto ham
Sauteed Lettuce and bacon with scallops (tasty alternative to the classic cabbage and bacon)

Put together with green beans...

Accompanied with some Rose Vino. Claud and Steph = Happy Campers!


  1. hands up baby hands up give me your love gimme gimme your love gimme gimme ... I myself am a fellow foodie. Though i wish i had a chefey friend! - or at least someone to do the dishes! XX

  2. wow that looks delish Im very jealous! I'm starvin' and the only thing in the cupboard right now are bob the builder spaghetti shapes in a tin...mmmmmmm maybe not! x

  3. @ Marie, Noooo thats gonna be in my head for the rest of the night! Damn you, you SWINE! (it just never gets old does it?) Im not giving up my cheffy friend but i recommend you grab a small child off the street to do your dishes.

    @ Natalia, I can hereby confirm that it was delicious!My cupboard atm is stocked with hunners of Batchelors packet pastas, mostly in mild cheese and broccoli. Bob the Builders sound quite taaty actually!x

  4. Well, I am not such a miserable cook in fact, but I'm too lazy to cook just for myself, and my fiance is certainly not a foodie... So I'm eating some leftovers from yesterday. Bon appetite! xxx

  5. @Tali, YUM indeed! It was so so so good!I wish i had food skills!

    @Rocaille, you can always come cook for me! I promise i wont protest!