Thursday, 7 May 2009

Rose Romance (little) Haul

Howdy Partners, Mac's Rose Romance Collection did indeed come out today so i did what any make up blogger would and hoofed it down to Harvey Nicks to check it out. Now, let it be known that i am not a pink and subtle type of gal. I'm rolling around in bright colours but own barely any natural, pinky day shades. So i figured (if there ever needed to be justification) that while this collection was definitely not made with me in mind, there were a few things in RoseRomance that i could definitely benefit from.

From American online swatches and reviews i thought i could use one of the beauty powders (which with MacIntosh-esque embossed rose seems to be the stand out product in the collection) and i figured Blush of Youth would be the more wearable of the two, and A Rose Romance lipstick...but having swatched at my Mac counter i changed my mind on both accounts.

Blush of Youth was definitely a really pretty warm pink but i felt that it was just a bit too sheer so i decided to go with Summer Rose with a more violet hint to the pink. While its still sheer i think this will be gorgeous dusted over the cheekbones and the great thing is, because its so sheer its impossible to do the over done clown look.
I had thought A Rose Romance would be my choice of the two lipsticks but (as a girls perogative allows) I changed my mind. In the flesh i felt like it was just a wee bit too sugar pink for me. Way to Love however was a gorgeous pale nudey pink with gold reflects and is definitely a 'my lips but better' product.
I also picked up Well Dressed blush which everyone has already but is still the most gorgeous pale pink which gives a really subtle flush.So here are the swatches: Am soooo looking forward to trying some subtle looks with these! huzzah!Are you getting anything from this collection or is it just a bit dull?
Oooh and have you noticed that ive learnt to watermark my photos? Note: this took many hours as i am a complete technophobe. What do you think? (slight smug at my own skills face)


  1. It's a good idea to watermark your photos, especially the ones that are more precious to you, because you never know who's going to use them... Defo post a look using these products, I'd like to see how Way to Love looks on the lips :) xxx

  2. Those products look nice, but I won't be buying anything, nothing stood out as something that 'I-just-have-to-have!', so I'll save my pennies!

    I have Well Dressed, and it is, without a shadow of doubt, my go-to blusher, I adore it :)

    By the way, congrats on the watermarking young lady, impressive :)

    x x x

  3. Summer rose looks really nice but i cant afford to buy any MAC atm *sigh*!!! :)

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