Monday, 4 May 2009

Share the Love! <3

I suggest you put on some Celine Dion (not that i would ever usually wish that on anyone!) to read this post - i do declare it is going to be a veritable love fest!

Magpie Sparkles started off this latest trend of 'doing a hayley joel osment' by sharing the love on YouTube, a concept that aims to reward and acknowledge people who do great blogging/youtubing. What a great idea!

The very lovely and newly brunette (which is HAWT btw!) Laura from My Bloggy Blog mentioned my blog in her 'share the Love' and i just wanted to say thanks sooo much to her for including me! If you don't already, I wholeheartedly recommend that you go check out her blog. It is absolutely PACKED full of warm, funny, endearingly honest posts. Not that I'm at all surprised as that is exactly Laura down to a tee. So Laura, i know this is getting a bit mooshy but I'm so glad i blog-met you! <3

So here's me gladly paying it forward and 'Sharing the Love'.There are plenty of others i could have happily included but this is just a wee taster of the people who i think really go beyond the port of call to bring us a great read.

In no particular order, i definitely think you should check out the following ladies!

- Emma of 'A Fashionable Affair' - Emma is a fellow Scot who writes a pretty epic fashion blog! She makes fashion accessible and fun, lusts after all the celeb outfits that make me drool and puts together a mean outfit while making it look effortless. Emma's blog is the perfect 'ying' to the strictly make up 'yang'.

- MizzWorthy aka Jen - MizzWorthy is a make up addict to the core and i am frequently very jealous of her hauls...but the jealousy never lasts long as she is completely lovely so you cant begrudge her a thing! She hosted the Illamasqa contest (which got her on the Illamasqua website no less!!) and is an incredibly strong, beautiful and generous spirit.

- Marie of 'I Love...The obsessions of a shopaholic' - Ah Marie. SWINE. My online kindred spirit. She's a fellow Jock and musician and if i need a wee bit of light hearted fun, Marie's blog never fails to do the trick. She hasn't been going all that long but she's already carved out a witty, roll-on-the-floor funny writing style and i love seeing a new post from her.

- Gail of 'Oogle Makeup' - With posts that don't just sit on the surface of make up, Gail's blog gets deeper into the subject. She has an intelligent approach to make up and i love reading about what shes thinking about.

- Rocaille at What a sweetie! Rocaille's just one of these people who always has an encouraging word or a lovely comment for you. She has a grace about her in the the way she writes, the way she holds herself in her beautiful FOTD's and she has mad make up skills to boot!

- Kirsten (cant believe you have a real name!!!) at Saskia's a Scottish hottie with hair that i would kill for and style that i would kill my first born for. Her hauls are as awesome as her reviews are...which is a lot!

So go check out these blogging gems, and ladies thanks for blogging!

Love to your Mothers. Word Out.


  1. Brilliant post're too kind, made me blush :) Thank you ever so much x x x

    I'm off to check out their blogs now :)

  2. Thanks so much, dear; I thought it's YOU who always has a kind word for others! Going to check out other blogs in a moment (when I make my stomach stop churning :)xxx

  3. I can't believe you outed me!!
    Lol, thank you soooo much, I am genuinely touched by this! I will be making sure i check out the other blogs on your list too if i haven't already done so!
    Thanks again, muchos gracias, danke schon, merci beaucoup! xxx

  4. @Laura, thanks for the oppertunity to share the love!meant every word!have fun blog checkin!

    @Rocaille, Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your comments and love reading your blog. Which is lots!!Hope your tums feeling a bit less squirmy!

    @Saskia, tell me it wasnt a secret!?My pleasure lovely. Im sure everyone enjoys your blog as much as i do!


  5. Awwww Steph! You really are a Swine!
    I'm humbled! I was happily forcing out a Celine Dion classic when my name came out the woodwork....Then with the shock I just couldn't muster up the lyrics...For that i'm truly grateful! No one should know (or admit to knowing) the words to Think Twice...should they!?

    I'd like to thank my mum....(you get where this is going!)

    Saskia! You have a name! :D

    Thanks again Steph x