Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Posey's Contest

Some days you feel creative, some days its more of an effort just to make it out of bed never mind actually get round to putting on a wee drop of slap. Today was just one of those days that i felt like playing around with makeup to see what i could come up with. Ive been meaning to enter the lovely Posey's contest (http://www.poseysbeautyreviews.blogspot.com/) for a while now so i figured this was as good a day as any. The premise of this competition is fairly similar to MizzWorthy's recent Illamasqua contest, both creating an alter ego look. Posey however wants to really see the contrast between your 'normal' look and that of the alter ego.

My fail safe daytime look is so easy to throw on and involves a very simple, very little, very subtle concept. Clean, fresh looking skin, rosy cheeks, vaseline rosy lips and a 50's style winged eyeliner. Overall its a look i would call 'Easy Breezy 50's'. Now I'm not saying that i wouldn't frequently add a bright pink or red lip with this to add an extra bit of spice for evening, but as far as 'normal' goes, this is it for me.

So once this look had been created and photographed i set about thinking how i could create a complete contrast. This was the list i drew up:

1) Completely unsubtle
2) A bit dark
3) Harsh and androgynous
and finally this was the real stimulus for the overall 'alter ego look... 4) Futuristic.

So here's what i came up with:

Its certainly not something i would pop to the shops in! In fact my boyfriend walked in while i was doing this and looked decidedly horrified. Only once id explained to him that it was 100% not fr leaving the house in did he relax and then start laughing at me. Swine.

So here's what i used for both looks:


FACE: Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation/Cover up, Prestige Skin Loving Mineral Blush in 001 Pink

EYES: Boots 17 Liquid Liner, Max Factor False Lash Mascara

LIPS: Vaseline Rosy Lips


FACE: Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation/Cover up, Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Solstice for the cheeks (white line underneath - Barry M white kohl pencil)

EYES: Brows filled in with GOSH velvet touch pencil in carbon, Barry M white kohl pencil, Boots 17 Liquid Liner Liner and because i wanted to keep it fairly androgynous i didn't use any mascara

LIPS: GOSH velvet touch pencil in carbon, Illamasqua Solstice


  1. Stunning Steph! If you havent already though, can you please email the two pictures to me with a short caption of what your alter ego is (so i dont forget lol) to xorosexx[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject line "contest entry" this way i have them all in the same place! If youve already done this, nevermind lol.
    thank you so much for entering my contest!

  2. Wow, this is amazing girl :) You got skills :) x x x

  3. "Swine" - My juice came out my nose when I read it!

    This is amazing! I especially LOVE the cheeks! great entry!


  4. So you managed to get hold of Solstice? Awww... What a unique look, loving the cheeks! Take care :) xxx

  5. @ Laura, cheers my dear! My skills are nowhere near comparable to sooo many of you lovely bloggers but i try!

    @ Marie, lol, glad i could 'swine' you off guard!Mwahhaha!

    @ Rocaille, yeah, it finally came in the post yesterday! i havrnt had a chance to try it out in a look that isnt 'starlight express gone wrong' but i cant wait! xxx