Thursday, 28 May 2009

Midnight Mussel Madness!

How do you usually spend your evenings out? If you're like me, the answer will more than likely be at a bar drinking cocktails or sipping on pints of cider (+ black, natch) while watching one friend or other's band rocking the kasbah. I'm not usually one for clubbing. My days of dancing in an area the size of a postage stamp, being elbowed by an uber keen Beyonce-a-like and taking my number in the meat market ended a good few years ago (gay bar dancing is however, ok with me). But last night Fras and I decided to do something a bit different and headed down to The Stand in Edinburgh for some - as the name suggests - stand up comedy. Twas a great night indeed and at times my sides were aching from laughing so hard. It always helps when there's a heckling willy who gets ripped to shreds by the comedian. Ah entertainment.

Anyway, enough of the amusing retrobutionary karma - here's what i wore on the old noggin:

- Lily Lolo mineral foundation (porcelain) + cover up (blondie)as ever
- Touche Eclat under the eyes
- Mac Shroom e/s
- Mac Carbon e/s blended into upper lashline
- Boots 17 liquid liner in black
- MaxFactor False Lash effect mascara
- Revlon 'Wink' corner lashes (review coming soon)
- Mac Well Dressed blush
- Mac Perfect Topping as highlight
- Mac Up the Amp l/s (looks a lot brighter in real life!) - any suggestions for a liner to go with this?

Ill be the first to admit that after a few cocktails and walking home, metaphorically swinging from the lampposts like a spidermonkey, I'm quite often tempted by a big old burger from the local takeaway dude (note: if its not a kebab its not so bad - that nearly rhymes!), however having consumed by share of the Rose wine, i felt like a burger just would not suffice. So this is me enjoying my midnight snack of...Mussels. Call me a domestic visionary if you like, i wont mind.

Whats your midnight snack of choice?


  1. Try MAC Magenta lip liner - i've got it to wear with Girl About Town and I think they are similar :)

  2. Nice one, thanks hun! Ill definitely check it out. xxx

  3. You look gorgeous, I LOVE that lippie on you, really looks fabulous :) You're so darn pretty young Steph, and your hair looks great in this too :)

    My midnight snack depends...sometimes it's toast, I will just randomly shouting TOAST until I get some, like an idiot...sometimes it's a bacon bf actually got up and made bacon and sausages sarnies for me and some mates when I came back from a night very bizarre!!!

    x x x

  4. Hi, you look gorgeous and your makeup is stunning. You're skin looks airbrushed. I would try Mac's cremestick liner in Cranapple or Pink Treat or Beurre. The first two might be brighter. The lips on their own look soooo good. xxNadia