Friday, 1 May 2009

Its a hard life being a girl with a blog!

Top 5 gents...its a difficult question indeed, one with many trials and dangers. Pick the wrong men and you will forever be known as 'she who has that weird fetish for bald/slightly curvy/just-plain-odd men' but on the other hand pick only men that are 'too right' and be viewed as 'she-who-fancies-for-fashion'. No no no! Picking the top 5 gents is indeed a minefield but whats even harder is picking a top 5...and then being able to keep from constantly swapping it about. Ross Geller had to laminate his!
Yes i am aware that you are probably aware that this is a rather thinly veiled reason to look at hot pictures of HOT men. Do I care? NO!
So without further adieux, here is my TOP 5 MALE CELEBRITY CRUSHES! *
Please note: This is not ranked in my order of fanciment.
1) JOSH HOLLOWAY - aah josh, how i love you so! Its the bad boy character along with the dirty south accent, the twinkle in the eye, the perfect amount of stubble, the fact that he's topless most of the time (thank you LOST producers!). I can say only one thing about Josh Holloway...'I sooo would!', oh and 'swoon'.
2) PAUL RUDD - I defy anyone not have had a little crush on Paul Rudd in Clueless. But now with a few miles on the clock Paul Rudd has matured into the type of man you could see yourself settling down with ie, funny and hot. Ive heard that he's a tad short in real life. ah well, so am I!

3) MATTHEW FOX - Clearly LOST has a lot to answer for!Fox by name, Fox by nature, Matthew is the kind of guy that just looks at home in a suit...even on a beach. And that ladies and gents is no mean feat.
Whats that Matthew Fox? you want ME? To what!?! giggle giggle.

4) ZAC EFRON - I know, i know. I'm not proud of this one. But the smile. and the bod. nuff said.

5) VERNON KAY - He's tall and i like a man with an accent. So what?

Phew, so that's my Top 5. Done and dusted. what a hard and arduous task.

*Lovely BF, if you are reading this you are of course #1 and take priority over all of these oafs. Did that sound convincing?? :0)


  1. Good choices...Lost does pack some serious totty, I think I am more of a Saywer than a Jack man though! X X X

  2. Haha, loved this post!
    Iv always had a bit of a thing for Paul Rudd ;) And that photo!!!

  3. I like Josh Holloway, so true about him going topless... :) xxx

  4. Totally with you on Zac!

  5. @ Laura, honestly i dont think i could choose between Jack and Sawyer. Oh its TOUGH!

    @ CBethGlitter, Glad you enjoyed...i did too! It is quite a saucy photo!

    @ Rocaille, I am not at all upset that they keep righting toplessness into the script. At all!

    @ zzzoe84, It feels so wrong yet so right.

  6. lol, i'm away to do this post.