Friday, 15 May 2009

Yay or Nay, Hot or Not, Worth the Cash or Gash #4


1)Nail Polish! I cant believe its taken me 23 years and 10 months to 'get' colourful nails, but now that i do i predict there will be no stopping me! At the moment I'm turquoise Barry M True Turquoise. LOVE!) on the fingers and bright Nickelodeon-slime-green on my toes. Seriously every time i catch a glimpse of my digits i catch myself smiling. Small things for small minds and all that! :0)
2)Having a personal chef (in the form my my beautiful friend Claudia) come to my flat to cook for me last night. I swear it was soo good i considered keeping her in my wardrobe Avid Merrion style.
3) Mac Angel Lipstick. Its an oldie but a goodie!
4) Oasis boy fit jeans. I am literally living in mine at the moment. So slouchy and easy to throw on. LOVE!NAYS
1) VooDoo Pickle. I placed an order with VooDoo Pickle, a site that sell cheap, fun and very kitsch jewellery...on the 4th of April! Its taken a little longer than a 6 weeks for me to receive my order. The first issue was that shortly after i placed my order the company, which is UK based btw, so no excuses for slow delivery, moved premises so my order didn't dispatch until 2 weeks later (I had to email for this info). I was still waiting 3 weeks after i had initially placed my order so i started emailing them to let them know and to ask if it had actually been dispatched at all. I was cordially ignored for no less than 3 weeks until two days ago when i finally received my order. And after all that, the quality is pretty poor. The eyelets on some of the earrings are broken or missing. Overall not impressed.

2) My skin breaking out with any product that isn't powder! I bought Touche Eclat last week purely to brighten up under my eyes (it also acts as a pretty good eyeshadow base) and around my nose. I figures it was pretty lightweight so i shouldn't have any problems. Unluckily for me, while its pretty awesome on the eyes, around my nose has completely broken out. Grrr.

3) Not going to the Barry M Event. I don't know if its cos I'm Scottish or just cos I'm not worthy but when you re all having fun meeting all the lovely bloggers think of me! Ill be the one at home. :0(


  1. ill be at work for barry time off for me :( x

  2. I just love your blogs!
    Eyeko do wonderful nail varnish.
    They have some really sweet colours,
    Have a look at them online..

    I'm an Eyeko ambassador so if you do purchase anything you can use my code, its E3356 you'll get a free gift with any order :) xx

  3. I'm not going either (to see Baz) so dont be worrying - though i'd dreading the old blog updates...i might cry! lol

    Hopefully there will be a next time and we can jump on the plane from the burgh together! (2 weirdo's - scottish people - in London and all that!)


  4. @lipgloss86, that does suck. Lots indeed!

    @LotusLove, I deginitely want to try some eyeko polishes. They seem to either get glowing reviews or rubbish ones but i definitely want to see for myself!x

    @Marie, I know! I bet everyone comes back with big massive bags of freebies having had a fab time and ill be sat here with tartan tears! But bring on the 2 weirdos in London. We could take a film crew and make a documentary.

  5. Awww! Don't worry about not being invited. I live in London and I haven't got an invite either!! Pooooo!!!