Monday, 25 May 2009

Mac Haul + FOTD

Monday is as good a day for hauling as any. Its a mantra i live by...well not quite, but certainly today i kept it in mind. I have had £50 burning a hole in my pocket since Saturday night when i was given the money for singing in a wee pub in edinburgh as an impromptu gig. As i hadn't counted on having the money i figured i could spend it guilt free. So where did i go? Mac of course! By the time i was finished i had a supreme swatch mitt! Happy happy happy!
Here's the haul - 3 eyeshadows and 3 lippies. Huzzah!

I'm always one to save the best for last. As a child i would always eat my food one thing at a time , starting with whatever i didn't like so much and saving the mashed potato for the end. So in line with this idiosyncrasy, first up, the eyeshadows. I picked up Stars 'n' Rockets because its widely regarded as a must have...and i didn't have it! Cant wait to see what all the hype is about! Next i repurchased Carbon - I had this before in a pallate but it seemed to crumble and coat everything in my make up bag with black powder which is not so cool (has it done this to anyone else or was i maybe a bit rough with mine) but i do find this invaluable. Finally i had a wee mooch around for the third one and decided on Amber Lights which is described as a 'golden peachy brown with golden shimmer (Frost) but i would describe as a goldy copper. Its jammed full of sparkle and even in the pan is quite breathtaking (yes, i may be prone to a wee bit of drama!).I cant wait to try it out!
I'm not going to swatch them as I'm sure you've all seen them hundreds of times! But now the lipsticks! Ooooooooh!I love pink lips and i love Saint Germain but sometimes, on occasion, i wish it wasn't quite so light - so i was looking for something that would be a slightly darker SG and i found it in...Pink Nouveau! A 'Bright Pink (Satin)', this really does tick all my boxes.
I love my Mattes and although they can be drying i think that Matte is a really modern way to do colour on the lips. In keeping with the pink theme, Please Me is a really pretty dulled ballet pink...but if my description doesn't do it for you, Mac say its a muted rosy tinted pink which id say is about right.And finally, my favourite of the three, Up The Amp. This is the one my boy decided he wanted to treat me to. On further probing i discovered that this was largely due to the fact that he plays guitar hence 'Amp' is musically appropriate and also Up The Amp, and i quote "sounds a bit dirty, gaffaw gaffaw." Men!...although I'm not complaining!This is an amplified creme so should be bright and rich and is described as an 'electrically charged lavender violet' and i LOVE it!!!And lastly, here's what i wore to do the haul:

Eyes: Mac Ricepaper all over the lid, Boots 17 liquid eye liner, Primed with Touche Eclat

Face: Lily Lolo Mineral foundation, Prestige Skin Loving Mineral Blush in 001 Pink

Lips: Vaseline Rosy Lips + Saint Germain (although it does need a bit of touching up in this photo)

I'm definitely finding that with the warm weather I'm becoming shiny a lot quicker...maybe its time to invest in a good mattifyer?


  1. Oooh I love the lipsticks! You'll have to take some photos with them on :)

    Good haul! xxx

  2. lipsticks are lovely, i have please me and it is one of my favourites, a nice easy way to wear a bit of colour! x

  3. You picked some brill colours there!! lucky you :)

  4. @Daisy, i will! I cant wait to try them out!

    @Hele, ooh good im glad you like it! I'll let you know if i agree!

    @Happy1234, hehe, im never one for sensible lip colours! I do love me a bit o bright!

    @MizzWorthy, I know, i think its sooo beautiful! i wonder how it compares to Violetta? Id love to see smore pics of you wearing it!


  5. Three of my fav MAC eyeshadows, good picks :D

    Check my blog out and folllow..

  6. pretty pretty ... i fancy trying amber lights not so sure if it would suit me thoug xx

  7. Great haul! All those lipsticks look gorgeous!

  8. those colors are ALL must haves!

    first of all, thanks for the comment..I love hearing from new readers as I am still new to the blogging scene.

    second, you have amazing porcelain skin. Dita Von Who?