Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Nail Polish Haul and FOTD

I'll be the first to admit that nails have never really been my forte. I have decidedly rubbish looking index fingers (is that your pointing finger??). Yes, i am aware that index fingers are a pretty trivial thing to dislike in the grand scheme of things but all finger laughs aside, i actually have never gotten into nail polish as a result of my gimpy looking hands.

Today however i decided that i have indeed been foolish. Nail polish is just another way to colour up an outfit and express yourself. I had a think and decided that if my fingers were to do just that and express themselves, they would probably be quite loud and obnoxiously bright. Cue trip to Boots for a few wee bottles of fun!

From L- R

First on my list was a 'For Audrey' style turquoise. Tiffany's blue has been one of my favourite colours long before i knew of Tiffany's and the excitement that is evoked by the gorgeous boxes. Its an unexpected but stunning choice for nails so this was an obvious first choice. Living nowhere near a Sally's i found what i think is a pretty good dupe (if a little brighter) for the China Glaze version in Barry M's Nail Paint in 295 Pure Turquoise.

Next on the wish list was something to a little girlier and to cover the purple/pink side of the spectrum. I already have Miami by Boots17 which is a gorgeous true barbie pink that i LOVE so i decided to go for Boots17 High Gloss Nail polish in Love.

Finally i just had a look around to see what i fancied. I ended up going for a neon green (I'm not sure just spoke to me!) by Boots17 fast Finish Nail Polish in Twist. Its bright!

On the nails i found the Barry M polish was the easiest to apply. The colour looked pretty vibrant after just 1 coat while both the Boots 17 polishes looked quite wishy washy despite the green one being a 'single coat high shine colour'. A second coat did wonders for the intensity of all the polishes but if i was to wear these out id say the green needs a third coat to get rid of the streaks.

I think I'm going to go with the turquoise for today and will definitely be investing in some more Barry M Nail paints!

As for the old noggin, here's what i wore: This is a fairly standard look for me and is definitely nothing groundbreaking - just winged liner, glowy skin with rosy cheeks and a pale lip.

I used:

FACE - Lily Lolo foundation in Porcelain (I'm never going to turn my back on it!) Touche Eclat under the eyes and on the eyelid, Prestige Mineral Blush in 001 Pink, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in gold as a highlight.

EYES - Boots17 Liquid Liner in Black, Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara. That's all!

LIPS - Mac Angel. nothing else.

Probably the quickest and easiest look there is with very few products.

UPDATE: Here's the NOTD, Barry M Nail Paint in Pure Turquoise. Im definitely going to have to work on getting a neater finish! Any tips?


  1. Yay, Steph is back! I love how glowy your skin looks, golden highlighters are amazing! Great nail polish haul, I want the turquoise one... It's a shame that doing a manicure is completely pointless for me (hinting at climbing)! Take care, hun :) xxx

  2. Yay! you felt inspired! Baz does it again!

  3. Hey Rocaille! I am indeed back. Went on a concentrated job hunt hence my being away for a wee bit.
    My Bobbi Brown Shimmer bricks is seriously one of my favourite products ever! Ill be gutted when i finish it!
    Maybe there's some sort of uber strength top coats for nail polish!? If not i suggest u fill the gap in the market!

  4. @ Marie, Huzzah! I did feel inspired! And i am shocked at the quality of it! Bazza you dark horse!!

  5. I know! I'm considering chucking all my MAC out and be faithful to Baz....hmmmm maybe not, But I love Baz alot! Can MAC and Baz not share me?

  6. Shock horror! Perhaps Mac and Bazza M will just have to learn to put their jealously aside and learn that you can be a two company gal!

  7. That bright green 17 polish is awesome! Might have to go check it out, looks amazing :)

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