Monday, 18 May 2009

Carry On Camping!

I woke up this morning gasping for a cold drink and some serious bacon roll action. I then looked in the mirror to find that i clearly didn't take my eye make up off very well because most of it was now streaking 'emo-style' down my cheeks. But what a night it was!

Isn't it always the nights that are completely last minute and unplanned that turn into the best, most raucous events!? Last night was certainly one of those! I hit the gay clubs with my gay friends for camp karaoke, cheesy songs and some pretty risque dancing.

But answer me this question: Why is it that the second i step into a gay club i immediately start camping it up and posing for every picture with either a massive pout or my finger seductively (!) resting on my bottom lip?! I just don't know what comes over me! EVIDENCE:

'Hello Sailor' from Rick, my offering is the classic arm in the air 'im a diva, me!' pose, additional pout from Chelle!
Windswept! I know this was intentional but i cant remember why....?
There it is! Fingers in the mouth! Why, oh why do we do this!?
Aw, group photo!
Luckily i didnt get quite as bad as Greta-hen (in the white) and Dionne! Simmer down boys!!


  1. I especially love how you've taken on the role of the pint drinker! Excellent!

  2. I guess every group of queens needs a butch counterpart!
    I swear there were pitchers and pitchers of cocktails, cherry VK's, jaegerbombs, be honest, its a wonder im alive!

  3. Love the pout action :) Go Steph! xxx

  4. You look a bit like Daisy Lowe ..kinda.