Monday, 1 June 2009

A haulin' I did go!

Haulin, Haulin Haulin. <--Sung to the tune of 'Rollin Rollin Rollin' by that man with the deep voice. But yes, even in this blistering heat (AMAZIO btw!) I decided to hit the shops and buy a few bits and pieces. Superdrug was the first place we hit cos boy wanted to pick up some hair gunk. Unlucky for him they didn't have 'his stuff' but lucky for me cos it meant i could peruse the GOSH stand. Magpie Sparkles oft sings the praises of the Velvet Touch eyeliners and i totally agree! I really do think that they are unbeatable for staying power at a pocket friendly price! Needless to say i picked up a couple. 'Bananas' is a S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G metallic pale yellow gold colour that will look amazing on the waterline or smudged in around the tear duct (ooh) and Blueberry Ice (i know, I'm a copier!) is a really pretty metallic greyish lilac.

Also in the old SuperD, BazzaM Nail Paints were 2 for a £5 so i pocketed (not like that!) number 134 Yellow and number 47 Black. I'm wearing the yellow at the moment and as with the turquoise, after 2 coats its pretty spiffy!

Thumbs up for Bazza!

Next on the list was good old MAC. Zoella's last post reminded me that i needed to pick up another Retrospeck shadow as this is the state of mine.

A lot of people have issues with this being too glittery and not pigmented enough but i completely disagree! I think this is an uber wearable champagne gold with a great amount of glitter and colour payoff - no complaints from me!

You may have realised by now that i find it hard to pass by the lipstick stands without something bright catching my eye and jumping into my hands. Today was no different (luckily the boy was paying for it! Ta Fras!!) .The famous Morange (Amplified Creme) was the winner for me today. The Mac website describes this as a 'Loudmouthed Orange' and I just cant is pretty fabby and will look great in the sunshine!For the sake of seeing what it actually looks like on, i took off the lippie i was already wearing (Pink Nouveux in case you were wondering) and replaced it with Morange. The pink blush clashes so i reckon id wear this with a bronzey sunkissed cheek instead. Overall on the face, it gives the 'appearance' of a red lipped pin up type look... but is just a bit too modern to be considered classic. It applies pretty true to the stick colour so this is not a colour for shrinking violets. I have to say though that i do already have something fairly similar to this is Boots 17's Hot Chilli. I hope it's different enough to stop this becoming more of an unused finnimbrun in my collection.

Swatches Ahoy!


  1. OMW that lippie looks amazing! lovely goodies. makes me sooo jealous that we dont have all those places here :P

  2. Excellent hauling young Steph :) That lippie looks AMAZING on you, I really need to pick up the courage to wear my're my inspiration darling :) x x x x x x x x

  3. Morange is a Excellent lippy of choice!
    Hot to trot as ever!

  4. Morange looks amazing - I think this is the second MAC lippie you've made me lust after now! xxx

  5. @SuperficialGirl, aw dont worry hun,seems like you get much better deals on ebay anyway!

    @Laura, Thanks hun, i do love my brights although i think its going a bit far...i may need help!

    @Marie, did you see i got the word in there!?Woohoo!

    @mizzworthy, yay! Brights r us! what was the first one?

    @whitebutterfly, thanks hun! i dont know why i didnt get it last summer when orange lips were the big trend. ah well, better late than never!

  6. I always love it when I read that someone has bought something on my recommendation and that they love it! I'd love to see some pics of your wearing those liners

  7. morange looks like it was made for you! and your liner is perfection.

  8. @Emma, the recommendation was spot on - love them! Im sure ill get a fair bit of use out of them too. x

    @em, thanks hun,ive trained for many many long and ardous years to get my steady hand!

  9. Oooo nice haul! & I like how Retrospeck didn't even exist in the pic haha, no doubt that you love the stuff ey?! :)

  10. That lippie is interesting ..must invstigate. Dunno if I could rock it though.

    LOVE GOSH velvet liners. They're wicked. They're 3 for 2 ' the mo.