Friday, 5 June 2009

Style Warriors

So, Style Warriors. What do you think? I honestly thought that this wasn't a collection for me. I am pale, i know it, i embrace it (at some point you just need to accept that if you are as pale as i am, no matter how much take tan you apply, you will NOT look honey glazed like JAlba). Needless to say, i just wasn't sure that this collection of sunkissed, metallic goodies perfect for women of colour would have a place in my collection. How wrong was I!?

Up The Amp, in all its purple gloriousness, is fast becoming my favourite lippie so i reckoned Purple Rite would be a good purchase...but when i went into MAC yesterday to get it i just couldn't help but swatch a few other things. Just to make sure. You know, just in case... SOOOO glad I did! I have to say that in person Style Warriors is quite stunning! Because of this i ended up getting a fair few more bits and pieces than i thought i would. Bad for the purse strings. Oh well! :0)

Beautiful products aside, the packaging seems to be a bit hit or miss with most people. Unfortunately i fall into the 'miss' category. Fras's helpful observation was "the packaging looks like the rejected interior designs for the Aztec quarter in the crystal maze". Quite.

Ok, so first to find their way into my grubby mitts were 2 of the eyeshadows. First up is Soft Force LE (Frosty pale light gold) which is P.R.E.T.T.Y! Perfect for under the brow bone or inner corner, this is a really versatile shade. Happy days. <---I always like to say this in a Newcastle accent. Not sure why!?

I also looked at Tempting and audibly 'ooh-ed'. I'm not sure why Ive never picked this up before (its not LE) but I'm so glad i have it now. Its described rather delectably as a 'sinful rich coco' and that it is. It applies like a dream too!

I did of course, as expected, pick up Purple Rite. And its troo-ooh, I really dooo-ooh (tenuous Kenan & Kel reference for you there - Retro!) love it. Its described as a 'Mid-toned Frosty Orchid' which sounds a bit moonbeam rainbowy to me. Id describe it the perfect midway point between wearable and a bit cool....its just really lovely. As with most frosts this is a bit sheer but very buildable. Again, (come on Ant and Dec) Happy days!

Probably the most unexpected thing that made it into my wee mac baggie was Solar Bits in Scatterays.

I'm not sure why this didn't get the 'Pat Butcher' treatment but this comes in the regular black cased pot. Its a lot lower and wider than usual pigment pots which makes it easier to use but also easier to spill. Described as 'Highly condensed clusters of pigment and pearl uniquely formulated to give a special hit of frost and colour on eyes and cheeks. The pigment's special clustering formula provides the choice of two application modes. Swish the brush over the top of the clusters for a sheer shimmer or crush them for more intense colour effect and sparkle' they look more like breadcrumbs in a wee tub to me. But swatch it and watch it turn from rye nuggets to gooooold! Literally! In the tub this looks pretty peachy but once you crush the pigments up a wee bit (fingers or a brush would both work) this becomes the most incredibly beautiful smattering of gold. (swatched on my hand it looks really dense but once swiped, its distributed evenly and looks so incredibly glowy)The MAC site says this is for use on the cheeks and eyes and while i think this would be lovely indeed, i plan to use this across my shoulders and over my collar bone for a bit of sexy shimmering.

From the usual permanent collection i also picked up Pink Swoon blush which is very lovely.

All in all, this was a really fun haul and not at all what i was expecting. So if like me. you'd written Style Warriors off as not for you, i beseech you - go check it out!


  1. Splendid, utterly splendid :) Could I please request a look with said items, particularly the blush and lippie :) x x x

  2. great haul.. i'm kinda upset i didnt get that lipstick! it looks amazing.. and i agree, up the amp is my new favorite lippie as well

  3. Wonderful! Just need my Orange Soda, and another trip to Geordie land, Fraaaaaaank, a dodgy pair of earrings and were all set. (I hope you got all that!)

    In the words of Steph - Happy Days!


  4. Loved seeing your haul, I can't wait for my order to arrive!


  5. Steph, you are soooo funny - "the Pat Butcher treatment" LMAO! Oh - you are tagged xxx

  6. I bought more than I thought I would too. I got both blushes, scatterays, bronzescape, purple rite and sun rush lustre drops.

    I have a L'oral hip duo that is the dupe of bright future and vibrant grape so I was able to skip those.

    BTW I think you're following my old blog URL. I changed it after spotting a typo a couple of weeks after setting it up and you were one of my first followers.

    Re-follow me on

    Yinka x

  7. thesolar bits look so tempting! that swatch of purple rite makes it look so good! must resist lol

  8. Stunning items! I particulalrly love all the eyeshoadows and the blusher! x