Friday, 12 June 2009


Hello Lovely Ladies of Blog!

Allow me to say something very quickly. Now lets make it clear i am under no illusions that I am a beauty expert, and by no happenstance would i have you believe it... but i have to say that i find it very humbling indeed and more than a little exciting/cool that i now have over 100 followers on this here blog. Very awesome peeps! So hello to my newer followers and howdy to my older, more decrepit, zimmer-holding followers (I'm not such a fan of the word followers btw - we're no fact we are the trailblazers of our make up generation! HARK!)<--that's another story for another day. Anyway, enough of that stuff...on to the tagging!
I know that everyone who gets tagged by someone begins said tag with the usual 'I was tagged by the lovely...' but without exception, its always true. This time i was tagged by the VERY lovely Lamiat (with a silent 'T' dontcha know!) who is a bit of a cool cat with an uber fringe. So go check her out if you haven't already - Huzzah!

What's your favourite make up look?
Like most other people who answered this, I'm a slave to that classic black winged liner but my favourite look is when its brought bang up to date with a bright pink lip. Cant beat it!
What part of your body do you love?
Ach, i don't know if there's anything that i LOVE but i guess it all gets me around(not like a schlag mind).

Who is your beauty icon?
I guess i like people who aren't afraid to break the rules, wear bright colours if they feel like it and really and truly wear a kind of beauty that reflects who they are. I'm not sure i could attach a celebrity endorsement on this idea...maybe Kat Von D is the closest embodiment.

What beauty product makes you feel instantly sexy?
Has to be my Lily Lolo Mineral foundation - it banished my spots, something that made me feel distinctly unsexy and because of that, made me feel a whole lot sexier without any make up on at all!

How do you look after your skin?
Well, water on my face (at any time!) creeps me out so it never ever gets 'wet'*. I am aware that that's probably not the best but i guess you have to work with what you can Because of this my skin secrets are as follows: The biggest awareness is never to sleep with my make up on, always thoroughly remove it with whatever i choose at the time and most importantly NEVER to clog my pores with liquid foundation.

What is your signature scent?
Paco Rabanne Ultra Violet. Has been since i was 16 and it still has so many memories attached to it. LOVE IT.What are your haircare secrets?
To be honest, I'm a bit lax when it comes to hair care. I'm probably more about the fact that i don't abuse it. I never use straighteners, rarely if ever dye it, wash it every second day (I'm trying to get down to every 3!) and finally, don't let gum anywhere near the vicinity of it. These are my hair commandments.

How do you pamper yourself?
Id like to wholeheartedly agree with Lamiat here, food is my treat. Nothing specific, it changes frequently but this week its terry's chocolate orange and a magazine while tucked up in bed. mmm!
What is your beauty pet peeve?
It has to be badly matched foundation ESPECIALLY if it results in tide marks...oh and for me personally, i hate it when the area around my nose gets oily. No one likes a lady with a shiny conk. I said coNk!

What would your desert island must haves be?
Well I'm so pale it would HAVE to be uber amounts of suncream! But if i was allowed more than one thing id add Veet...cant have a hairy foof on the beach!

Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy?
I do actually. Do and wear whatever makes you happy.

So there you go!

I hate when people do this but i really do think that most people have already done this! If not, you're it!

*I've honed a technique over many years where i shower so that the spray never has to hit my face...when i exfoliate i wet my hands which wet which i then wipe over my face, then apply the exfoliant and wipe it off with my hands. couldn't do it any other way! eep!


  1. I haven't done it. Hmm maybe I'll do it on Sunday - lol

  2. This chocolate orange looks irresistible... :)

  3. Yes Yinka!i definitely want to read your answers! Consider yourself tagged!

    Hehe, It really was Rocaille!


  4. Awww Steph, you're so sweet! I love being called a 'cool cat', I think cats are so cool so being a cool cat is very cool indeed!

    PS: Kat Von D is beeeeeeeautiful! I love her, she's so talented and sassy.