Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Style Warriors look and...NEW GLASSES!

Hallo meine lieblings maidchen! So, the new job (which i HATE btw, full of arsey people. boo!) means that i have some crazy hours. Like this week for example, I have today and Saturday as my days off while next week my weekend will Monday and Tuesday...Hmm. Anyway, that means that Ive had today off which is always good news. Even more good news cos it meant i was finally able to sit down and have a wee play with my make up! Huzzah! Reasons for this were two-fold - Firstly i wanted to have a proper go of my Style Warriors purchases. So far they have been looking very much like bejewelled lovelies sitting in my pink cake stand (which incidentally, is where i keep all the make up that i am currently loving) and secondly, you will know if you follow me on twitter, but i have been having a teensy, tiny mineral make up fall out. I needed to rectify this BIGTIME cos i soooo don't wanna go back to Liquid foundation!

Here's what i came up with:
FACE: So, like i said, my Lily Lolo has been not quite the product i fell in love with lately. Like a boy who loses the romance, right now i love Lily...but I'm not so sure I'm still in love with her.

The problem is: with the new warmer weather my skin is getting oilier which seems to be making me look a bit powdery. I buff till my hearts content but its just not looking quite so today i simply tried using less product. I cut down to maybe just over half of the amount i had been using and...I'm back in love! When you've had bad skin in the past i think its all too easy to fall into the trap of piling it on. I just need to remember that because of this product, i don't have horrible skin to cover up. Huzzahs all round! So anyway, yeah. I wore: Lily Lolo Mineral foundation in Porcelain, Lily Lolo cover up in Blondie, Mac Pink Swoon Blush, Mac Summer Rose Beauty Powder (all over the skin).

EYES: Touche eclat (under the eyes and as a base), Tempting e/s all over the lid, The Body Shop
shimmer brick (white colour) as a highlight under the brow bone and around the tear duct, Mac Scatterays Solar bits in the inner corners of the eye (LOVE IT) and Mac Carbon e/s pressed into the lash line and smudged up, Max Factor False Lash Mascara. Im having issues with my lashes. They just will not, for the love of the wee man, curl. Ive tried the old warm the curlers up with a hairdryer trick before but i just ended up with a stye. This pic is AFTER theyve been curled...not that you can tell!LIPS: Mac Purple Rite l/s

And now, (Drum roll please...!) some news! For all you contact wearers, you'll understand when i say that i am a -3.50 in both eyes, which means i cannot function AT ALL without my contacts. I did however mention yesterday that i have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my contact lenses. I HATE that they are so fiddly and so easy to muck up but i love the option of not having to wear glasses if i dont want to.

Now, my current glasses are OLD. Nearly 8 years old in fact! The rims are almost completely bereft of the black paint they once had, one of the plastic legs has fallen off meaning that when i wear them i am scratched to high boogery behind my ear by a sharp piece of wire... not to mention the fact that over the years they have been sat on too many time to mention, meaning they now sit at a rather jaunty angle. Not so great. I really only wear them at night after Ive taken my make up off (for which i need to take out my contacts) but still want to watch TV or do anything at all other than sleep. It keeps the people who see me looking like a complete loon to a minimum but it does mean that my boyfriend often sees me with out any make up, with my head constantly tilted to one side in order to compensate for the squintness.

So haven't i got a new pair you ask? Well, glasses are bloody expensive! BUT now that i have a new job i couldn't put it off any longer. Step up new glasses!

These babies are Gucci and actually sit straight on my face! And i don't get scratched by the leg! I may consider wearing glasses more often now!

And finally, just because we're on the subject of glasses, check out these Ray Ban copies that i picked up (i mean Fras bought) from a wee boutique - they were only a £5. Bargain!


  1. Lol, those bent glasses look all to familiar, I have the same prob! Mine are about 8 years old too but simply can't afford new ones :( I do enjoy going to Specsavers and trying on fancy expensive ones though! x

  2. Love the new glasses and love the look. I haven't opened up my SW stuff yet....I'm terrible.

  3. The specs look very classy and chic, sometimes I wish I had to wear glasses as they look great (or maybe just without everyone knowing that they have plain lenses in them)! How did you get on with the solar bits? Are they hard to apply?

    "High boogery" - love your choice of words!

  4. love the new glasses and the rayban copies - fandabby!! xx

  5. Lovely Jubbly Missus!

    You dont look amused with your old specks with scratchy leg, so i'm impressed with your new choice of frames!

    P.s My glasses are about 8 years old your not the only one.

  6. God damn gorgeous :) I kinda like the wonky glasses, keep them for old times sake...get them out to give Fras a good time, hehe ;) In all seriousness those newbies look really good, very sexy :) Loving the FOTD too, and glad you have fallen back in love with Lily xxx

  7. @Amy, Have you tried the online thing where you upload a photo and then 'virtually' try on glasses its fun. Oh and i want to see your squint glasses - put a photo up!

    @Yinka, Thanks hun! Get to opening!

    @LamiatS, Noone would know they only have clear glass in them! i say do it! The Solar bits were really easy to fallout at all. Thouroughly recommend if u havent already tried them.

    @Sask cheers love, a fivers better than £70 anyway!

    @Marie. Old glasses were a scab on the body of my life. And i want to see ur specs too! Pic please!

  8. Love the glasses and the s/w look. I am going to use up my bare escentuals and then sample lily lolo, I have red skin so really want to try their mineral corrector. xx

  9. The new glasses are gorgeous, I used to have red frames in the similar style which at first I loved, and then hated, but unfortunately my man still likes them the most. Recently I've been a hundred percent contact lenses girl, I just hate that the glasses limit my vision somehow and they leave these funny reddish marks on my nose, close to the eyes... But it's just personal preference, I am lucky enough that the contacts don't irritate my eyes.

    Great photo with the old specks on, BTW! xxx

  10. Loving the new glasses! Have you ever used I would highly recommend them. Fantastic quality and very very affordable :)

  11. @Cat, Thanks hun. Lily Lolo are really good for pale skinned peeps so im sure you'll find a shade that works for you.

    @Rocaille, How come your not such a fan of the red? I did consider red but i didnt want to limit what i could wear with them. I am 100% contacts and have been for years now...glasses only in the house unless my eyes are really sore.

    @Rebecca, I have never tried glassesdirect...but im about to go check it out!x

  12. your new glasses suit you so well! love the makeup looks- you always have such a glow about you, it's lovely.

  13. Love the make up look!

    I really need my first glasses! But they are pretty expensive and I really want Dior or something like that :D