Tuesday, 7 July 2009

FOTD and my room!

I am soooo glad to be back! :0)

Today was my first day off in such a long time so i didn't want to do anything too taxing or tiring...just a nice chilled out, relaxed day. According with this i decided i wanted to give my eyes a rest and have a glasses only day, wear sloppy clothes...and fun make up!
Here's today's FOTD - really relaxed, just a bit of my usual Lily Lolo foundation, tiny bit of Summer Love Beauty Powder on my cheeks (this is my favourite *blush* at the moment - cant get enough of it!!), 1 single eyeshadow (mythology) on my lids, graphic black liner & black mascara and my favourite Up The Amp lippie. Dead quick, relaxed but still a bit fun.
In other breaking news, I tidied my room on Sunday night! I know, its a rare occurrence for me but i am really going to make an effort to keep it somewhat tidier than i have been of late. The reason for this tidying was really a necessity: Ive have had my eye on the Ikea Malm Dressing Table for months now - my parents use one in their computer room and they fill the drawers with cables and other technical computery bits, so i finally decided that as it was my birthday on the 2nd of July, i would use my birthday money to finally get myself the malm and sort myself out a proper make up area. Grand. Good plan...except, the way my room was laid out, although big, there was just nowhere to fit it in!


I used to love rearranging my furniture when i was little. My mum's really into interior decorating and she always made sure our rooms where always decorated beautifully.One of my favourite things to do when i was bored would be to rearrange the furniture into different places and I loved the 'freshness' that you get from moving the bed from one place to another.

So when i realised that i just couldn't fit the Malm in with my room laid out the way it was, i took it as a rearrangin' challenge! Fras came over on Sunday night and was pretty unimpressed with my plans to make him move heavy things around...not to mention the room was a bit of a tip that would need clearing out before any big things could be swapped around...but i was positive and bossy, and won the battle. A rearranging it would be! One of Fras's comments was that the whole project really heightened our differences as a couple: I'm a messy cow whereas he's super tidy, I start things and have faith that it'll all work out well whereas Fras likes to draw up the whole plan before anything is started. But as with most couples, the woman gets the final say so we moved 1 piece at a time, trying different things in different places before settling on a final choice. It took a few hours but when it was done we had moved the bed from the middle of the wall to in the corner which made the floor space double! Needless to say, i was right and there is now more than ample space for the Malm AND the room looks HUGE!

I do however regret to say that i forgot to take before photos. But heres the room now!

Rearranging the room made me realise that my bedding is quite a state! I dyed it from white to pink as i thought it would be easier to clean but it looks really rubbish - there are no poppers on the bottom of the duvet cover so the duvet spews rather unattractively out of the end AND my pet hate: The fitted sheet doesn't actually fit and comes away from the mattress every night while we sleep. To summarise, its a bedding DISASTER!!!

So today my plan was to go into town, get a whole new set of bedding; fitted sheet, duvet cover, pillow cases: the whole lot! I found this really cute set in Next...

...which i liked cos its fresh and sparkly white but also had a bit of interest about it...but when i got home and put it on the bed... ...i found that my duvet is evidently NOT a king size like i thought, and the cover is about half a foot too big for the padding. RUBBISH! Also having seen it on the bed I'm not so sure i love it anyway. The Zig Zags are sown on with just a single line of stitches so there are flappy bits all over - I'm thinking that when i return i might have a look for something else completely. Hmm.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm heading over to Newcastle with my Mum to IKEA to pick up the Malm...Oh yeah, did i mention when i tried to buy it at the Edinburgh shop on Sunday i found out that its now been discontinued and the only shop that has any left in the whole of Britain is the Newcastle shop? Just Greeeeeeeat! Its only a 2 hour drive!Grrr!

Fingers crossed that they have 1 in stock when i get there tomorrow or this whole thing with have been complete waste of time! IM SCARED!!


  1. Yay! Yo look so relaxed!!
    I love the Jimmo poster!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey hun check out the ikea website you can usually find out if an item is in stock at a particular store x

  3. http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/stockcheck/

    type in gateshead what you want and it should tell you failing that you could ring them xx

  4. Thanks Catanya, relaxed indeed! Sometime you just need one of those days! And thanks for the Jimmy comment - tis my very own artwork, painted by my own fair hand!xx

    @ Louise, Louise i could hug you! I just checked and the website says they have 8 left. Why oh why would they discontinue?!?

  5. I want a dressing table as well!!! Doesn't have to be a MALM, any would do... I don't even have a proper mirror as of now :( Good luck in Ikea!

  6. Yeah - that means they should still have one fingers crossed for you xx

  7. hmm I need to do some major work on my bedroom too, there's stuff everywhere!

    love the fotd, I am so jealous of your perfect skin! that blush is gorgeous on you xo

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  9. Hey Hopin You Managed To Get Hold Of it Today x

  10. Oooo I really, really want a Malm!!! Or something similar in size at least...let us see pics when it's done :) xxx Gorgeous FOTD, love it :) What shade are you in Lily Lo Lo, and being a fellow pale being, what shade might I be...think I'm going to try some samples, because my skin had gone to pot :( xxx

  11. hey thanks for following my blog i look forward to hearing your thoughts!

  12. OK A: Who is that poster on your wall next to your mirror of? I really want some lights to go round my mirror and I can't find any anywhere. and B: I NEED your glasses!! Mine are similar but Dior and silver Dior sign on the side but I've had them two years now and I need to wear them more than I do contacts...

  13. The poster is of Jim Morrison from The Doors :)