Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A busy week!

Hi Everyone! What a busy week and a half I've had! Allow me to fill you in Craig David styleeee!
  • Wednesday: Band rehearsal in Glasvegas town 9pm - 12am. Home by 1.15am, jumping straight into bed to wake up at 5.30am for work the next day.

  • Thursday: work till 5pm then drove right from work to Stirling to sing at a wedding from 8pm - 12pm. Once again getting home as quickly as possible and finally letting my head hit the pillow at 2.30am only to be up at 5.30am for work again.

  • Friday: Work till 6pm, head home to have a quick hour power nap, redo make up and head through to Glasgow for a gig 10pm - 12am. Race home for 2am to be up AGAIN at 5.30am.

  • Saturday: Work till 5pm then head straight from work to Largs for a 7.30pm - 12am gig. Home by 3.30am and up again at 5.30am. This bride was actually pretty crazy - during the break she took the microphone and started ordering even the shy members of her family to come up and tell their favourite story about her - I know that someones wedding day should be all about them and they should be the centre of attention... but that was pretty odd!

Here's how it went down, and this is not a word of a lie!

BRIDE: "Uncle Bobby, come tell that story about when i was a little girl and i fell off the plant pot at your house!"

UNCLE BOBBY: " Well Lorraine, i, i, i couldn't possible, i mean,um... i don't really remember..."

BRIDE: "Yes you can!... Everybody, a round of applause for Uncle Bobby."

Uncle Bobby looks around the room with despair as the crowd begins to nervously begin a smattering of un-enthused applause. Bride shoves microphone to Uncle Bobbies mouth - Uncle Bobby physically shakes with stage fright.

So needless to say, i have been supremely knackered this week! Today however, i enjoyed a well deserved day off so i spent it catching up on missed sleep. So i slept. A LOT!

I'm writing this direct from my bed, still in my jammies with not a scrap of make up on at 7 in the evening having just woken up from an hour and a half's nap(and it was GOOOOOOD!). This is on top of visiting the land of nod from 1am till 12pm this morning. Its been glorious! And whats even better is that i also have tomorrow and Thursday off!

So, I'm planning on heading through to Glasgow tomorrow to spend some moola at the Illamasqua counter and I also have Mac vouchers to spend on Color Craft/Naked Honey - what are the must haves of the collection?



  1. I'm thinking of getting a 226 brush tomorrow... Supposedly it's great for people with smaller lid space! I also had a day off today, but was woken up at 7 am by a phone call and couldn't go back to sleep :( Take care! xxx

  2. you need to buy colour crafted lipstick! its genius its like saint germain but more milky its gorgeous. a word of warning about naked honey highlighers they are dusted over with light pigment in the pot so if you buy them there is a seal of pigment then once you've used it for the first time it gets duller. but yeah colour craft lippys amazing!

  3. @ Rocaille, im thinking i want both brushes! How very indulgant of me! What a shame about your rude awakeneing! How's the wedding planning going hun?xxx

    @ 132ndstreet, Cheers my dear, ive been so busy i havent even had a chance to see peoples reactions to this collection! Color crafted is definitely on my list - i love St Germain so im interested to see if i love this too! And i hate the rubbish top coat shimmer - they really need to sort ot out!Grr!xx

  4. I have no idea how you do it.. Ah to be in a popular band...what kind of crazy people get married on a bloody weeknight! Buggers!

    I've skipped both collections. Waaaay to much shimmer for me, and naked honey seems pretty bla. The only thing I would consider getting really is the 226 brush, but i dont need it...

    I'm getting sensible in my old age! xx

  5. Jeeeeeez Steph, how on earth are you still alive?! I simply wouldn't be able to survive on that little sleep...BUT kudos for the success of gigging :) Wedding season must be good to you! I like Marie (ABOVE) had no interest in either collections, nothing except the 226 brush stood out as being something 'I just had to have', so despite the fact I'm penniless anyway, I've just ignored it all! xxx

  6. http://marie-loves.blogspot.com/2009/07/blog-awardfriends.html

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  7. Found you!

    Hey Steph, nice to meet you today. Thought I'd search for your blog after our little chat :) added you on Twitter too.

    Hope you're loving your products.


  8. I don't feel so bad now, you aint updated for ages either!

    Sounds like you have been very very busy though :) Looking forward to hearing how your getting on with all your Illamasqua goodies.

  9. Just came across your blog!

    Really love it!


  10. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm so excited I was able to inspire you! :D That means the world! Keep in touch!

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  12. Here is so many inspirations!

    Have a nice time!

  13. i really like body shop products! thanks for posting this review!
    always XOXO, Olya


  14. how the hell do you find time to blog !
    your a superwoman !

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  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog! How awesome that you used to live on Victoria Street! I have major envy! Though I can imagine it would be noisy at night-time ;) Oh, and it would mean I would constantly be skint, having spent all my time and money in the Red Door Gallery and Armstrongs!! x

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  18. That is a really busy week! I am in the midst of collecting all of the MAC Wonder Woman products.

  19. Sounded like a busy week! Have a good time treating yourself out, sounds like it's much needed =)

    Suzie Q

  20. glad you were able to catch up on sleep! hope all is well!

    love from NYC,

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